Sadhana and Daily Rhythms

In yoga, we are told to do sadhana (dedicated practice) for 15 minutes every morning. This sadhana should involve pranayama, asanas, and meditation and should ideally be the way that we welcome our bodies into the day. 

When I first discovered Vipassana meditation 8 years ago, I thought to myself ‘If I were to do this practice every day, my life would change drastically.’ I kept at the practice with dedication and resolve for many months, straying away at times, and then returning, over the past 8 years. Sure enough, the benefits of meditation ended up being very self-evident.

Unfortunately, however, life can be turbulent and rhythms can be disrupted. My daily practice of mediation has waxed and waned, and is currently almost non-existent. 

I sincerely hope that – thanks to this nudge from this yoga teacher training – I might develop a new daily rhythm that incorporates both physical and meditative practice. 

Having a daily ritual to ground the attention in the body can make such a difference. I find myself being more aware, more present, and more grateful throughout the day. As I move about and interact with others, I hope to be responsible for the kind of energy I am carrying, spreading, and inviting. 

My benefits from daily practice

There is only a couple of days to go before I complete my first 200 hours of YTT. I have noticed some changes in myself during the past almost 20 days…

-I am much more aware of the inhalation and exhalation of my breath and also the breathing of others around me and how that reflects their state of mind

-I have more patience with my children and I am able to pause before reacting thus making a better choice in my response

-I am thinking about what I really want instead of rushing through each day trying to crowd out any thoughts that may bring discomfort

-I am more considerate of what I am choosing to fuel my body and have drastically reduced my intake of sugar, processed foods and alcohol

-My posture has improved and my skin is clearer

I have absolutely benefited from doing yoga everyday for one month and I will endeavor to practice Sadhana to maintain the benefits that Yoga has given me…



Since we cannot ban exams, it is best to find out how to relieve the anxiety we feel before them. Anxiety is the feeling a person has when they expect something stressful to happen.

What is the worst thing that can happen if you do not pass an exam?

When you are tense and worried, your whole body may be affected.

Having too many negative thoughts leaves no room in the mind to focus on the questions and remember or elaborate the answers.

Then, lock negative thoughts. Look at any negative message you may be sending yourself (“I am not good at exams” or “If I fail this exam, I am fatal”). These kinds of thoughts can make your anxiety worse and prevent you from doing your best on the test.

So, breathe, get ready, learn, accept mistakes and take care of yourself … it’s just an exam!!, 

….to the beautiful people that I found in my class!!


My Yoga Journey 🧘‍♀️ Health


My health was not the best when I was younger. Mainly 2 issues – severe menstrual cramps in my teens and poor digestion including lactose intolerance.

During my teens, I had severe menstrual cramps. Literally I can only lie on belly to rest with a pale face. Teachers would sent me to sick bay just by looking at my face.

I was determined not to be dependent on painkillers and over the years, I had been searching for natural remedies. I believed that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) would help me. Tried a few and finally found one at a medical hall in Clementi.

With persistence and dedication, for about 4 years my menstrual cramp decreased and even disappeared by changing my diet including taking TCM.

As I was travelling pretty intensively for business trips 10 years ago, I couldn’t keep brewing my TCM when I was in overseas. I then had the same prescription changed to powder form but it didn’t worked as well. My stomach absorbed nutrients better in liquid form. I then found  therapeutic essential oils as a substitute to TCM as it is time consuming. It worked well and will apply essential oils once awhile.


After 1 month of daily yoga since 5th March 2017, I started to realize that I didn’t need anything – neither TCM nor essential oils, and the result is no more menstrual cramps! After 3 months, I didn’t have any Pre Menstrual Symptoms (PMS). I never thought this day of being free from pain was just simply changing my lifestyle – To have it without any PMS was like extra bonus! Until one had suffered enough, then one will change and appreciate the freedom🙏

In addition to doing yoga, most of the days I took sattvic food and was losing weight gradually – around 8 to 10kg in weight when I changed my lifestyle towards a yogic one. For the past one and half year, I was fortunate to had done few Kriyas, Dhauti, Chakra cleansing, and Meditation as suggested by my guru. Now my digestion is improving and I am slowly eating vegetables that I had been avoiding for years.

Be it for whatever reason, I would highly recommend anyone whom truly love oneself to go towards Yogic lifestyle as the benefits that one could gain is be beyond one’s imagination if one is open-minded. My current health is way better than 10 years ago. And I have never looked back since🙏


I learnt not to take my health for granted. Am grateful!


Nithyanandam  🙏





Teaching our peers

This week of YTT has been the most challenging for me, we have begun to teach our peers. I understand that to complete a Yoga Teacher Training course this would undeniably be part of the requirements – I knew it was coming! It doesn’t make it any easier. I enrolled in the course to deepen my education in Yoga, to understand the 8 Limbs, Chakras and to build on my physical strength through Asanas. Having to stand up in front of a group of people has a way of making you feel incredibly vulnerable and makes you appreciate the art that a really good yoga teacher has mastered.


We just need 15 min at day:

Yoga is a very old physical and mental practice that has been spreading throughout the world due to its benefits. It is a discipline that has widely demonstrated that it can improve our quality of life, not only physically but also mentally and spiritually.

His practice becomes an extremely powerful transformation agent that causes profound changes in our health.

Some of its main benefits are:

Reduce stress

Improves sleep

Extends life and prevents degenerative diseases

Doing yoga only 15 minutes a day is enough to produce biochemical changes in the brain and neurons!

Then: What are you waiting to  practice yoga every day?



Normally we usually play sports for the theme of “body worship.” To keep the line, control cholesterol, fell strong… etc.. We also focus it to “clear the mind.” Forgetting the tensions of accumulated, and avoiding the problems of day to day, is another of our objectives.

But when we  practice  yoga, in addition to being phenomenal for the two previous options, a third appears: maintain a healthy and radiant skin. We create the right conditions for the blood to oxygenate well, and reach every corner of our body to nourish all the cells.

With the exercise of the Asanas (it is the name by which the postures that we practice in yoga are known), the skin recovers a healthier tone and the expression lines are attenuated.

In addition, we strengthen all the muscles, eliminate tensions and favour the proper functioning of all organs and viscera.

Then: Would you like to feel it??  Just practice yoga

Where is the East?

So I ask myself.. is part of our yoga journey learning what physically we can and cannot do or are we supposed to believe that if we continue with our yoga practice that we will one day be able to accomplish those asanas that we think we are incapable of? There are certainly limitations to my body in its current form. After years of sitting at a desk my shoulders and upper back muscles are incredibly tight and my lower back and core are weaker than I would like. This probably started when I was young closing myself off from others by rounding my shoulders. I also think it can have something to do with growing up in cold climate where to keep warm we are constantly hugging our arms close together. In the last 3 weeks there has been a physical change in my body. Slowly my collarbone is more pronounced, my shoulders are moving backward and I am standing taller than before. I’m a long way off but I hope with regular practice and heart opening poses I will turn around this constant pain that I suffer each day. What I am learning is that though there are potentially limitations to what I will be able to achieve physically in the long run because of my physical form, this does not mean I will not be a great yoga practitioner. By understanding the limitations of my body, it helps me to understand others. I understand that it may not be so easy for everyone to sit cross legged on a mat with their back straight. This actually was something that it took me years to achieve and I still have to work hard at it now. How taking 5 long breaths in downward dog is actually not for a beginner if it is practiced properly… and guess what… touching the floor in a forward bend is not actually a measure of being good at yoga! So often when I have been to a yoga class in the past I have looked at the ‘bendy’ people and wished that was me. Hoping that one day I will be able to do a headstand or a handstand effortlessly. Teachers told me it was just fear that was stopping me but actually my physical form had something to do with it too! If we just think that those that can do all the asanas are good at yoga, where does that leave the rest of us? Where does that leave the beginner? Or the person that doesn’t have the time to practice regularly because they have a busy work schedule or a family to tend to. Does it leave them looking enviously at Instagram at the so called beautiful people in bikinis posing on cliff top in a luxury destination? All that this can bring is self doubt and lack of confidence and wishing away the wonderful lives that we have been given. This in itself is against yoga philosophy. We are told we must practice ahimsa (non-violence) and satya (truthfulness) and this means to ourselves as well as others. We do not know how long we will have in this life and to practice yoga is to practice gratitude for all that we have been given in good times and in bad. It is about the journey we are on in this life and how we choose to live it. We were asked the question in our YTT – where does the sun rise? The east we answered. No, we were told, the sun does not rise in the east, where the sun rises IS the east. When I told my husband this he said to me… that is because the east is not a place, the east is a direction. I know yoga is showing me my direction and it seems I am heading on my way without a map but I am starting to trust that my internal compass will lead me where I am supposed to go.

From Mat Yoga to Rope Yoga, From Floor to Mid-Air, From Fear to No Fear

Kundalini Rajju Yoga


Today, I would like to do a small sharing on my yogic journey from the mat to rope….from the floor to  mid-air…..from fear to no fear ….it brings my yogic journey to a whole new level of breakthroughs and fun.


It was initially tough when we first started to learn rope yoga in January this year. We had to grab the rope in between the big toe and the second toe and pull ourselves up the rope with the strength from our legs and arms.


It was intense pain initially for all of us, as our feet were not conditioned to withstand such rough tension from the rope. We had to face pain in its raw state and dis-identify with pain. It took will persistence to show up at each session of training and to repeatedly attempt to climb the rope in spite of the pain.


Our toes get seasoned over a couple of weeks of regular rope yoga training sessions. Then we were able to advance into more asanas on the rope.  Doing asanas on the rope brings out different dimensions to our yoga practice.


Besides having to constantly dis-associate with pain, we now have to face our hidden fears.  In many areas of our life, we are often able to avoid our deep fear by choosing not to do things that frighten us. For example, if one is afraid of snakes, one just need to stay away from snakes.  However, when we are on the rope, we had to face our fears squarely.


We have experiences tremendous breakthroughs on the rope and the effects of the breakthroughs filter through all other aspects of our life….many of us also experience rapid progress in our mat yoga practice as a direct result of our exposure to rope yoga.


I would like to invite you to come and join us to experience the breakthroughs on rope yoga for yourself. You may contact me via watsapp at +65 9889 5654 or +65 9245 5656 to find out when and where we have our rope yoga sessions….


Looking forward to more fun and breakthroughs on my exciting journey of yoga….


Dorisq Tan

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Dorisq Tan
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A Clean Stomach Is The Key to Enlightenment

Detoxify! Detoxify! Detoxify!

My Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, says that keeping our stomach clean is the key to establish ourselves in the ultimate understanding again and again.


With the divine blessings of My Guru, in December 2018, I have made a decision to change from a regular meat eating diet into a sattvic vegeterian diet and started my journey to build a yogic body through daily yoga, right sattvic diet and occasional detoxification through Nirahara Samyama.


The sattvic vegeterian diet has its own challenges. It wasn’t that I miss meat at all….it was more of a problem looking for pure sattvic food while we are eating outside. Little india area in Singapore is probably the only location in Singapore, where Sattvic Vegeterian food is readily available.


My new yogic lifestyle of starting my day with cleansing Kriyas, followed by physical Yoga in Brahma  Muhurta hours, together with Haritaki and Sattvic Diet has unlocked tremendous energy sources for me. On average, I sleep around 3 to 5 hours a day. I used to need 8 hours sleep and still felt sleepy, tired and drained out.


Dorisq Tan

+65 9889 5654

Dorisq Tan
Building Yogic Bodies, Vedic Minds