Yoga Articles

Yoga to Me

In  the beginning, Yoga was just a type of sport/physical activity to me. I remember my first time in a yoga class several years ago and hating it because it was so “slow and boring”, now realizing it was actually a Yin class that I signed up for. It was

Understanding Myself Through Yoga

This week, I learned that my dosha is pitta-vata with a pitta predominance. However, I have more vata than pitta mental and emotional attributes. I have almost always had perceptions of a perfect person and what the ideal personality or character traits are supposed to be. However, the standards I

Thank you Mr Yoga.

At first I thought Yoga was a very static activity, and a grand-mother’s hobby. Today, after several years of practice I am so impressed by all the tings Yoga has brought to me and how eye opening it was: Breathing and meditation exercise helps me to reach peace and empty

Why did I started YTT?

A year ago, I started questioning my lifestyle and the way I was using my time. I am working in a full-time job for a very demanding boss/Company. I lived far away from my family for the last 6 years, and I feel like 80% of my time and energy

3 things that Yoga brought me

Yoga has brought several changes to my life, today I count 3 of them: Escape from Noise: Since I started to practice yoga I noticed it offers me an escape from noise in my head and stress. I now have a way to find deep internal peace even for a

My ‘Favourite’ Posture

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with backbends. But now I can officially tell you that I love and still hate backbends. As the saying goes, I bend so I don’t break. Backbend is where our spine bends backwards and it helps to align our spine and vertebrate. Most

How yoga will help others

Yoga has been beneficial to me. In so many ways or another. Yoga was a help to me during my stressful, emotional and difficult days. With yoga around, I was more patient with people around me and of course most importantly with myself. I am also more confident of myself

Yoga in my current life

Today, after 8 years since I first know about yoga, I find yoga being a kind of therapy for me. Yoga makes me happy and helps me alot in my daily life and the way I live. With yoga, I’ve improved alot on my health and physical wellbeing. Other than

How I came into yoga

I was first very skeptical about yoga. Is it a spiritual thing? A religion thing? A meditation? Does it make me fitter? Because of all of my what ifs, I didn’t take the first step to understand and to try yoga. I first started to get more interested at a

First Yoga Class?

The first time I went to a Yoga class was totally unplanned: a friend of mine had a free ticket for “hot yoga” class at Great World City and she asked me if I would join and have dinner afterward. I accept thinking I would be happy to have a