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200hr Yoga Teacher Training Singapore

(New structure – Effective from Jul 2020)

We have upgraded and uplifted our 200hr Yoga program to appreciate, balance and respond effectively to the digitalised world. We have integrated 3 methodologies of delivering the Yoga Teacher Training certification course to you in the most efficient manner.


Studio Classroom Learning (3hrs)
3hrs classroom (practical) at our studio with guided yoga poses, breathing, meditation practice and teaching methodology by our Master Trainer.
Live streaming Theory classes (2hrs)
2hrs online live-streamed theory session by Master Trainer, accompanied with guided breathing and meditation practice with the support of videos, apps and other teaching aids to make you proficient to become a Yoga Teacher. You are even guided to start your own online business completely using our carefully crafted materials, videos, assessments and etc.
E-manual, app and Video Learning (1hr)
Learning through on-demand videos, links and other resources at your own pace with no hurry, relaxed and carefully paced.

What makes our Tirisula Yoga programme so unique?

Excellent Teaching Strategies

Our yoga students come from different parts of the world-– diverse races, backgrounds, careers and so on. But in our classrooms, they learn as one family. We teach and guide them different techniques and strategies to become expert.

Better Career Opportunities

Our graduates of our Yoga Teacher Training course earn a higher starting salary or private class fees on the average, due to the remarkable standards of training set by Tirisula Yoga Master trainers.


What You will learn in 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Singapore?


  • More than 200 yoga postures
  • Conditioning and systematic development of strength, stamina and flexibility
  • Yogic breathing
  • Mudras
  • Meditation techniques
  • Yoga Nidra (relaxation)

Theory: Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy and physiology

  • What is Yoga
  • History of Yoga development and evolution
  • 8 limbs of Yoga
  • 3 Gunas
  • Chakras
  • Mantra
  • Kundalini and Nadi
  • Basic body systems such as digestive, respiratory, skeletal, muscular
  • Movement terminology
  • Applications of anatomy to Yoga practice

Teaching methodology

  • How to teach a beginners, intermediate and multi-level class
  • How to write lesson plans
  • Instructional cues
  • Asana adjustments
  • Asana alignment

Yoga Teacher Training in Singapore is designed for

  • Keen on understanding postural alignments
  • Interested in yoga or seeking a yoga career
  • Looking for a deeper understanding of the science and philosophy of yoga
  • Fitness professionals with no formal yoga certification
  • Interested in learning yoga

What is the Criteria to be a Part of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Singapore?

  • None at all  (For beginners, it is recommended that you attend at least 30 Yoga Classes at our school to get familiarised with the practice.)
  • No minimum or maximum weight or height
  • All can be taught, all can learn

In case of medical conditions, please write to us.

Why You Should Choose Tirisula Yoga?

  • We are the Pioneers of yoga teacher training courses in Singapore (20 years)
  • Learning is thru practice and experiential manner instead of academic
  • Master Trainers are experienced in various yoga techniques and were trained by the very best in India
  • All our master trainers are all professionals with a minimum of 10 years teaching experience
  • Students of any background can enroll in our programmes – even those without any prior experience in the practice of yoga
  • We are registered Yoga Academy with World Yoga Alliance, India.
  • Tirisula is well recognised World wide

What do I need to do to get the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification?

 For those who wish to teach all over the World, and to learn Yoga in the experiential and traditional method.  We are registered school with World Yoga Alliance.

  • Complete 60hrs in the studio with the physical presence of the Master trainer
  • Complete 40hrs at home via livestream with the virtual presence of the Master trainer
  • Complete 20hrs of reading, video-learning assigned by the Master trainer
  • Complete 30hrs of practice and study with sample teaching styles and guidelines from the Master Trainers
  • Complete 20hrs of project work (individual/group) with understanding of changing market trends and demography
  • Complete 20hrs of video-recorded teaching
  • Pass the assessments and complete the assignments given to you (10hrs)


Fees and duration

  • Course fees: SGD 1880 (Register online)
  • Duration: 20 days

What does the fee of Yoga Course include?

  • The fees include the course fee, e-manual and certificate
  • The fees exclude accommodation, food, World Yoga Alliance registration fees
  • Refer to our terms and conditions for postponement and cancellation policy.
  • Prices are non-negotiable.
  • These are the course fees for the yoga teacher training course in Singapore. Course fees in other countries may differ slightly.

How can you pay your fees?

  • Online Registration – all major credit cards accepted
  • Bank Transfer (email us for account details)*
  • *For international students, if payment is made via international telegraphic transfer, bank charges has to be borne by the sender
  • *Please leave us a message (below) for more details regarding bank transfer.


36A Norris Road, Singapore 208278


Schedule and timing

For your convenience, we have 5 different schedules for you to choose from:

  • Weekday morning batch:
    Mon to Fri 8am to 11am (Studio) | 4pm to 6pm (Livestream at home) | + 1 hr video/app/manual learning per day (5 days weekly)
  • Weekday mid-day batch:
    Mon to Fri 11:30am to 2:30pm (Studio) | 4pm to 6pm (Livestream at home) | + 1 hr video/app/manual learning per day (5 days weekly)
  • Weekday evening batch:
    Tues & Thurs 6:30pm to 9:30pm (Studio) | Sat & Sun 4pm to 6pm (Livestream at home) | + 1 hr video/app/manual learning (2 days weekly)
  • Weekend morning batch:
    Sat & Sun 8am to 11am (Studio) | Sat & Sun 4pm to 6pm (Livestream at home) | + 1 hr video/app/manual learning (2 days weekly)
  • Weekend mid-day batch:
    Sat & Sun 11:30am to 2:30pm (Studio) | Sat & Sun 4pm to 6pm (Livestream at home) | + 1 hr video/app/manual learning (2 days weekly)


Here’s the upcoming schedule.

New! If you can’t make it for the above schedule, alternatively, we have another course which you can do totally online! Leave us a message below if you wish to do a total online course.

Online Yoga Teacher Training Course


If you’ve got any questions about the Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course in Singapore, please feel free to write us a message below.