Yoga in Singapore has been around for many years, as early as the 1980s til now. The gym and fitness concept seems to be more popular among people as most people wants to practice Yoga as a form of physical exercise and stretching. It works to a certain extent that it gives a lot of people a great workout to lose calories and lose weight, as well as relieves stress.

However, the full benefits of Yoga asanas are not met if the asana is not done correctly. Proper breathing has to be incorporated while holding the asana and the sequencing and flow of the postures are extremely important as it affects our energy flow. If the Yoga teacher has no knowledge about the theory of Yoga, you will not benefit as a student. Might as well go for a dance class or cycling class.

At Tirisula Yoga, we advocate the proper teachings of Yoga in a small group. We teach you the Yoga techniques, not just to lead you in a exercise class.


Small Group Yoga Classes (Singapore)

Done in a intimate group of 3 – 5 persons in our cosy Yoga studio located at 80B Arab Street, you will get a lot of attention from the Yoga teacher. We are still charging the fees at a very affordable rates.

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Private Yoga / Pilates Classes

You will get to choose your preferred timing and whether to have the class at your home, workplace or our studio. We will recommend your private Yoga teacher for you according to your needs. If you have the budget, this is the best option.

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Private Meditation Class

Learn various meditation techniques and practice them and find out a few that is the most suitable for you. According to your personality and lifestyle, your private meditation teacher can guide you through your first baby steps in meditation.

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Reiki Healing 1- on- 1

Feeling tired, stressed or lack of energy? Experience Reiki healing now. This can help you re-balance your energy levels, bring you into a deep state of relaxation during the session and after the session.

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