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Pilates Reformer Trials
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Yoga / Pilates / Or both?
Flexi Packs for both Yoga and Pilates Reformer Classes. 1 credit for Yoga and 2 credits for Pilates
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Studio locations

Small class size, multiple locations, flexible schedule. Flexi packs can be used for Yoga or Pilates Reformer classes. Packages can be used for all locations. Select your preferred package and join our classes now!

789 Geylang Rd #02-01 S389675
1021 Upper Serangoon Rd #02-01 S534759
160 Changi Rd Hexacube B1-08 S419728
5A Lor Telok S049018 (upstairs)

Packages / Pricing

2 Trial Classes (Valid 1 mth) First-timers only! $79  

1 Drop in $70

10 Class Pack (Valid 4 mths) $42/class ($420)

20 Class Pack (Valid 6 mths) $39/class ($780)

30 Class Pack (Valid 9 mths) $36/class ($1080)

50 Class Pack – Shareable (Valid 9 mths) $34/class ($1700)

100 Class Pack – Shareable (Valid 1 yr) $32/class ($3200)

Trial FlexiPack 3 credits (Valid 1 mth), $25/credit ($75) *First-timers only

Start FlexiPack 10 credits (Valid 4 mth), $23/credit ($230)

Pop FlexiPack 20 credits (Valid 6 mth), $22/credit ($440)

Wow FlexiPack 30 credits (Valid 6 mth), $21/credit ($630)

Power FlexiPack 50 credits (Valid 1 yr), $19.5/credit ($975)

  • 1 Yoga/Mat Pilates Class = 1 credit
  • 1 Pilates Reformer Class = 2 credits

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Yes you can use it at all Singapore studios.

Pilates Reformer Classes available at Kovan, Paya Lebar, CBD

Yoga Classes available at Kovan, Paya Lebar, Eunos

Yes! The validity period starts on the day of your first class. You have the flexibility to activate the package within 60 days from the date of purchase.

Note: Except for the Pilates first timer trial class which is valid for 1 month from the date of purchase.

To get started, click the buy packages button, create an account and purchase a package now! 

Classes have to be booked online or via app at least 2 hrs in advance. Sorry we don’t allow walk-ins.

Download the Vibefam app in Google Play Store or Apple App Store to book for classes!

Search for Tirisula Yoga Pilates after download.

  • Book for your favourite class at least 2 hrs in advance. (For prime slots, please book early) 
  • Cancel at least 6 hrs ahead to get your credit refunded. 
  • Please check your validity date and finish the credits before that. If you can’t finish, you can purchase a new package except trial packs and drop-ins before the expiry date to extend the expiry date. The extension of the expiry date follows the validity period of the new package bought, e.g. if you bought a Start FlexiPack, the extension will be 4 months from the date of your old package’s expiry. There will be no 60 days activation period if you wish to extend your old package.
  • No refunds or extensions will be provided once the credits are expired.
  • Alternatively, you can request for 2 months extension. A fee of $100 is payable. No questions asked 🙂

We don’t have free trials, you can purchase our trial package before deciding on a larger package 🙂

  • Grip socks is a must for Pilates Reformer Classes! (We sell them at SGD20 if you don’t have it.)
  • Yoga-mat-towel or yoga mat to lay over the studio mat (Highly recommended for hygiene reasons, it’s fine if you don’t have it)
  • Water
  • Sweat Towel

We are both shareable and non-shareable packages. Our Pilates Reformer 50 and 100 class Packs are shareable and the rest are non-shareable. 

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