Sound Healing Certification (Crystal Bowls) for Everyone

Mesmerising. Colourful. Enlightening

Enter the world of sound healing with singing bowls and connect with your deeper self.

Everything in the universe has a vibration and singing bowls home in on that connection between you and the world. In sound and energy healing, balancing vibrations can bring the body into harmony and therefore good health.



Everyone should do Sound Healing With Crystal Bowls!!!

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thing we can practice for ourselves to get peace of mind and absolute relaxation.

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Benefits of Sound Healing

  • Slows down brain waves to a deep restorative state
  • Activates bodies’ self healing system
  • Boost immune system
  • Reduces stress and promotes mental wellbeing
  • Clears energy blockages
  • Connect with your deeper self

It’s super relaxing!


Aligning with your Chakra energy centers, singing bowls can help reduce stress and pain, promote relaxation and develop better self-awareness. On a deeper level, the music that emanates from singing bowls promotes inner healing, both physically and spiritually.

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In this two-day certification workshop, you will participate in sound healing meditations with bowls and learn about how sound healing can work with your energy centers to improve wellbeing.

This workshop also features the science behind sound healing, including entrainment and Cymatics, as well as energetic anatomy for both the Vedic (Western) and Tibetan systems.

Learn how to play the bowls and add another dimension to your Yoga classes, Reiki practice or general self-care and self-energising methods.

We teach you how to :
  • Formulate Healing Plans
  • Healing Techniques and Cues
  • Fine Tune Playing and Healing Methodology
  • Scanning for ailments, physical and mental

Work with a trainer who has 15 years experience with sound healing and learn to use crystal  singing bowls to promote physical, mental wellbeing, stress, anxiety, depression and other ailments.


In this training you will learn:

  • the science of sound and sound healing
  • the difference between metal and crystal singing bowls
  • how to play the singing bowls
  • Tibetan and Vedic sound healing systems
  • the concepts of harmonics and entrainment
  • the Chakra System and how to apply it to sound healing
  • how to prepare for sound healing sessions
  • how to check energy movements with Pendulum system
  • how to do a sound healing session for groups and individuals

Schedule and timing

2 days of 4hrs/day practical (at studio)

1 day online theory assessment (at home)

5hrs of self-study and create healing plan (at your own pace, at home)

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Paya Lebar Studio: 789 Geylang Road #02-01, Singapore 389675


How to get certified

  • Full attendance
  • Pass online theory test (at least 60%)
  • Practice playing on your own
  • Do 10 hours of sound healing to your friends and family
  • Record a 20min video of you playing the singing bowls and email us your video for the Trainer to review.


What do I need?

  • Come in comfortable clothes
  • Bring the full set of Quartz crystal singing bowls (7 bowls)
  • You may purchase from us if you do not have a set of Quartz singing bowls yet.
  • Can I use Tibetan metal singing bowl instead? As this is a quartz crystal singing bowl course, nope, you can’t… it’s different.


Get 30% off! Usual fees $988 Now SGD 692!

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The fees include the course/training/admin fee, e-manual and certification

Full payment online upon registration (major credit cards accepted)


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Sound Healing With Crystal Bowl Certification Course


2 Days

Claim your 30% off now! Usual course fee $988, you pay only $692!

Limited to 8 pax only. Sign up now.

It’s mandatory to bring along the full set of crystal bowls during the sessions.

You can purchase the set of the Quartz crystal bowls comprising 7 chakra bowls at $980, includes delivery to your address (Singapore only). The bag carrier is usually $50 each, order the bundle package now to get it free!

Sound healing course details:


Course date:

12 and 19 Nov 2021

Fri: 9am to 12noon

Location: Paya Lebar Studio

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