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Don’t give up

  I read somewhere ‘there is no magic needed to do Beautiful asanas ‘. My head stand has taken a lot of discipline  and working and I can safely say it still a Work in Progress. The lesson I have learnt is that practice is necessary. It also needs that Minor

The Chakras Connection

As per Yoga , our body and mind and ultimately our well being gets regulated by 7 chakras located in different parts of our body.They are dependent on each other and for a step closer to samadhi , they need to be in alignment with each other. Unfortunately, the chakras

Finding Balance – Three Gunas

The Three Gunas, defined as the three fundamental qualities or attitudes of the manifest energy. In yoga and Ayurveda, a guna is a tattva or element of reality that can affect our psychological, emotional and energetic states. Sattvic: Life, purity, strength, health joy, cheerfulness Rajasic: Over-stimulated, passion, boisterous, restlessness Tamasic:


Inversions – the kind of asanas that takes you out of your comfort zone, a test of balance and courage and that satisfaction when you’ve found the sweet sweet spot to stay, hold, and breathe with ease in the pose. Having done gymnastics for a while in primary school, going

Yoga Numerology: a Brief Explanation

For this blog, let’s explore a less popular affiliate of the yoga practice.  That is numerology, or the knowledge and occult significance of numbers. Numerology has various interpretations throughout different cultures, and the depth and allegiance to the interpretations.  In my practice I can appreciate numerology in a way that

Yoga for Scoliosis

Yoga for Scoliosis Scoliosis refers to the sideways, or lateral, curvature of the spine.  When I was 10, I found out that I had mild lumbar scoliosis, i.e. a slight curvature in my lumbar spine.  As the curvature remained under 5 degrees, I did not have to undergo surgery or

Yoga as we age

For our first attempt at lesson planning, Master Sree asked us to teach an ultra beginner’s class as if we were teaching grannies how to do yoga. It was quite a fun exercise thinking of easy poses that could be modified, how you would help an elderly person get into

Starting a home practice

Having started going for classes 2-3 years ago, my practice usually revolved around going for a 60 min class maybe once or twice on a good week. I just didn’t quite know what to do without a teacher instructing through poses and keeping count. Doing yoga at home didn’t even

Studying for the theory exam

As we’re reaching close to the end of the course, the stress of an exam is beginning to set in. I’ve not had to study since I last left Uni. What if I can’t remember all the tough Sanskrit names, all the details on the muscular or skeletal system!? While

Why I decided to do a YTT

It has been something that I have considered since 2017, but always seemed quite far reaching for me given I felt I was not good enough in my practice for something so intense. Come 2019, I’m still at the same level I would deem myself as 2 years ago and