Don’t give up


I read somewhere ‘there is no magic needed to do Beautiful asanas ‘. My head stand has taken a lot of discipline  and working and I can safely say it still a Work in Progress. The lesson I have learnt is that practice is necessary. It also needs that Minor and major adjustments and knowing what works best for me.

How many times in a day do I tell myself to give up and take the easy way out ? At least two on an average!These could be a explained with a classic Motherly explanation. Since we are all human beings , temptations may come in at every stage of parenting to give in to unreasonable demands and not bothering to choose the path of discussion. That is when you have to study what needs to be done in your family life and decide how much of yourself you are willing to give to get it. Having the discipline to maintain a high level of active parenting reaps rewards not just in the area of behavior, but in health and happiness as well.

It’s very important to never give up without giving it a try especially with decisions and actions which you know would be in the right direction.So what are you waiting for ?