Yoga as we age

For our first attempt at lesson planning, Master Sree asked us to teach an ultra beginner’s class as if we were teaching grannies how to do yoga. It was quite a fun exercise thinking of easy poses that could be modified, how you would help an elderly person get into such a pose and also pretending to be grannies in a yoga class.
When I was back home and planning for the 30 minute class we had to teach the next day, my mum saw me struggling and suggested that I try out my lesson plan on her. I was quite confident she’ll easily manage a 30 minute class as she’s pretty healthy and fit for her age. Then my dad came around and was curious as well so I ended up agreeing to teach both my parents a short yoga class. I tried to tailor my class to 2 senior citizens above 60, while they do exercise regularly, they are completely new to Yoga. With all this in mind, I tried to modify what I had planned so that everything would be doable. However, I was pleasantly surprised. My parents were a lot more capable that I gave them credit for and I even might say a bit competitive with each other. They did so well that I taught them 1 or 2 ‘hard poses’ as well.
This made me reflect afterwards, what constitutes ‘Yoga’ and what it means for other people. We might not always have a name or detailed steps for getting into a pose, but doing some back stretches in the morning or a few sit ups to wake up the body, is still movement. My dad waking up 15 minutes earlier each morning to do these simple exercises seem to have done him well. Movements that keep your joints active and your body healthy.
I think yoga for me is less and less about hitting a certain number of classes per week, but rather how it can be incorporated into my daily life and also for a long time from now. I can only hope that my practice be it physical, mental or spiritual will keep me healthy even in 60s and beyond 🙂