Yoga to Me

In  the beginning, Yoga was just a type of sport/physical activity to me.

I remember my first time in a yoga class several years ago and hating it because it was so “slow and boring”, now realizing it was actually a Yin class that I signed up for.

It was in ashtanga vinyasa classes that I found myself enjoying Yoga and how it made me feel; calmer, happier and just feeling more content.

For someone who grew up doing mostly cardio and group sports like track and field, basketball, volleyball and dodgeball, I enjoyed the new-found ‘intimacy’ in Yoga. I was able to for a moment, focus all my energy on just being present and listening to my own body telling me what felt right/wrong.

Now, instead of seeing it as just a type of physical activity and sport, it’s slowly becoming a way of self-love and self-discovery, a complete lifestyle of its own. I yearn to learn more and equip myself with more knowledge and skills about this whole new world I’ve just discovered and hopefully be able to share it with others one day.