Thank you Mr Yoga.

At first I thought Yoga was a very static activity, and a grand-mother’s hobby. Today, after several years of practice I am so impressed by all the tings Yoga has brought to me and how eye opening it was:

  • Breathing and meditation exercise helps me to reach peace and empty my mind.
  • Physical practice and core Yoga has make my body much stronger and develop my core muscles. (I didn’t even knew it exists)
  • Thanks to Yin classes, I have found flexibility in the articulations in a non painful way. (I did ballet for 10 years and flexibility exercise were very painful.) It also opened blocked area such as my chest.
  • I have find balance thanks to slow and controlled sun salutations, and practicing gentle flow.
  • Through any practice I feel I can connect body and mind consciously.
  • Having a regular practice, I have build up self-confidence by seeing tremendous progress.

Today I can’t be thankful enough for all the things Yoga brought me and I hope to learn more and be able to share those benefits with as many as possible.