Why did I started YTT?

A year ago, I started questioning my lifestyle and the way I was using my time. I am working in a full-time job for a very demanding boss/Company. I lived far away from my family for the last 6 years, and I feel like 80% of my time and energy is dedicated to my work and to make the Company successful. Holidays are great but too short. At some point I thought, what about my life? Could I plan it and achieve the goals I want to reach, the same way I do it for the Company I work for? I decided to spend time thinking about what I wish for and to apply a strategic plan to reach it. I used the same methodology as I do when I work and decided to keep time to invest in my own life.

After a long introspection, 3 targets came out: live closer to nature, live as an adventurer and own my time.

In the process, I realised how much I love Yoga and how happy I would be to insert it in the new lifestyle I want to embrace. I decided to start a Yoga Teacher Training, so I could have a useful skill to share with people around me, and eventually use it to finance some extras if needed.

Now I am happy that I have identified my needs and that the plan has worked: We (my bf and I) are ready for the next adventure: live on a sailboat for a while, and sail around the world.