My ‘Favourite’ Posture

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with backbends.
But now I can officially tell you that I love and still hate backbends.
As the saying goes,
I bend so I don’t break.

Backbend is where our spine bends backwards and it helps to align our spine and vertebrate.
Most importantly, backbend is a shoulders, chest and heart opener. As it says, when you open your heart, you open the huge possibilities to open your mind.

Doing backbends are actually a emotional journey that it will take us through. After a backbend, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and emotional because it opens up our hearts to all the feelings and emotions that are running through our bodies and mind.

This is why backbend is my favourite posture as its not only challanging to me physically but it is also a powerful lesson and journey towards knowing and controlling my emotions better. And if you can’t think straight, think upside down!