Yoga in my current life

Today, after 8 years since I first know about yoga, I find yoga being a kind of therapy for me. Yoga makes me happy and helps me alot in my daily life and the way I live.

With yoga, I’ve improved alot on my health and physical wellbeing. Other than that, with every practice I have, it helped me with my confidence and happiness. With every practice, I realise that I was slowly transforming into someone better.
I started to have more patience in my daily life and was more understanding towards people around me.

Yoga also helps me during difficult situation during work and my personal life. Yoga teaches me to take a step back to understand the situation before coming to a conclusion fast.
Yoga also taught me to have self love for myself and to give myself enough time and space to self reflect even during hectic time.

Yoga also allows me to understand my physical body better and if course to be more accepting towards my body as in some days my body is not at its best. So yoga teaches me to be patient with myself and my body.

Yoga is life changing for me and helps me alot!