3 things that Yoga brought me

Yoga has brought several changes to my life, today I count 3 of them:

Escape from Noise:
Since I started to practice yoga I noticed it offers me an escape from noise in my head and stress. I now have a way to find deep internal peace even for a short while, and stop thinking. It is a great thing to know that I can always escape from stress if I want to.

New Diet:
Yoga allows me to live in a more mindful way, and it specifically make me think more about what I do and the consequences. It slowly leads me to a less meaty and less processed-food diet. I still happen to eat fish or porc occasionally, but I noticed I have no craving for meat like I did before. This is very surprising as I never really questioned my diet and I did not have external influence to make me act this way over the last two years, but now it’s just that I don’t feel like eating meat, so I don’t.

Yoga, such as any activities, has the effect to bring people together. I am thankful that I happened to share my love for yoga with my friend Virginie, and that it leads us to organise a Yoga retreat in Bintan with a bunch of friends. This was a great experience where we learn how to “work” together, and a few other organisational skills. At the end, we had the best WE, with Yoga on the beach, good food from our favourite restaurant and friends around us. I felt that this “Yoga Retreat Organizer” experience was for both of us the beginning of a new”hobby” and moment of great friendship.