How yoga will help others

Yoga has been beneficial to me. In so many ways or another. Yoga was a help to me during my stressful, emotional and difficult days. With yoga around, I was more patient with people around me and of course most importantly with myself. I am also more confident of myself as yoga helped me and improved me physically. Therefore, I think that yoga will be able to help many more people out there.

How will yoga be able to help others? And how would I be able to link people to yoga? Yoga will be able to help people just like how it helped me. If people are willing to accept yoga into their lives, and are more open towards giving themselves a chance to explore yoga, they will be able to open themselves up to so many new possibilities. Yoga improves one person in terms of body, mind and soul. The more you open up and choose to learn and accept, the more benefits that yoga can bring to oneself.

However, yoga is not a destination or a stepping stone that you can forget after becoming ‘better’. Yoga is actually a journey. A long journey together with our bodies, hearts and minds. Therefore it is important to continue corporating yoga into our daily lives.

I think that I can link people to yoga by first being a better version of myself. And then which I will be able to introduce yoga to more people that have never been in touch with yoga before or had an misunderstanding with yoga.
Of course with a yoga teacher training certification, I will be able to life people up mentally, emotionally and also physically. So that I will be able to benefit people around me and people in our community.

Most importantly, to me, yoga never forgets about spreading love in this community! Yoga brings people of all walks together and yoga is a journey filled with interesting explorations and fun about oneself.