Future and Yoga

We lost our true self and let the situation controlled our emotional in the 21-century with self-centred, lack of sympathetic world and an increase in depression in the sociality.

We can cultivate gifts and offer them to the world with yoga practice. To be happy and contented to what we have.

To live our life as an experiment, not afraid of failure and removing ego in the list and promotes self-control and firmness in the precepts.

To imprint the six keywords as a daily practice, Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate and Realise.

To the future of humanity

-Jennifer Ho

My present state of mind

To practise the five of the eight-limbed path as guidance for inner and external transformation in my life.

1) Yama – gives specific guidelines for dealing with my mind and interact with the world on an ethical and peaceful way.

2) Niyama – help me cultivate orderliness and cleanliness, contentment, commitment, self-study, and finally letting go fo the idea that I have control and surrendering to the universe.

3) Asana – describes how to be happy and peaceful in my body. The third limb focuses on poses that help me become more durable, flexible, and balanced. It benefits me emotionally and spiritually.

4) Pranayama – teaches how to control life force. Practice forcibly exhaling and then holding the breath to diminish obstacles to self-knowledge.

5) Pratyahara – demonstrates a way to withdraw the senses to achieve balance and peace.


-Jennifer Ho

Patience is key

Since I came to Singapore 13 years ago, I’ve developed a new mentality called ‘kia-su’, or competitiveness. Singaporeans are very good in what they’re doing and I’ve to constantly struggle to not ‘lose out’. As a consequence, I started to become more impatient, non stop chasing 1 achievement after another.

One of the biggest learnings from yoga that I got is patience. As I’m learning the postures, I realized that I can’t force it. If I don’t listen to my body and push too much, I’ll get injured. However, if I practice consistently and patiently, I realized that over time, I can do the postures more and more naturally. It’s like this in life too.

We can strive to do our best, but we can’t force things to happen. There is time for everything and everything will come at the right time. Even if we can’t see it now, we’ll realize later as we connect the dots backwards. There are so many moments when I thought “Aaaah.. this happened because of this” only much later in life.

‘Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.’ – John Lennon


Yoga is love

I’m an extremely busy person – constantly juggling to do so many things at the same time. As a result, I’m constantly stressed, trying to finish 1 task after another, not being mindful and able to enjoy life. I felt like a zombie and began to question what’s the purpose of life.

Yoga has helped me so much and showed me that life is full of love.

It started from the ‘feel-good’ after a yoga class – my body feels better, my mind feels calmer. Whenever I don’t practice yoga or exercise at all during the day, I get angry and irritated much faster, I do things without much thinking, resulting in me spending more time in doing each tasks, which ultimately results in more stress and loss of productivity.

Now I thank myself for practicing every day – even a quick yoga stretch helps me a lot. I know that by making time for the practice, I’m saving a lot of time doing the other things as I’m able to be more mindful and to enjoy what I’m doing more. Above all, I get present to how I’m affecting the people around me when I’m constantly busy and stressed. Every time I practice yoga I remind myself to be more intentional in what I’m doing. This allows me to truly experience the beauty of each moment and as a consequence, feel the love of the amazing people around me.

There’s still so much to learn. I’m so blessed to have found yoga in my life and I’ll continue to explore more and more.


Finding the flow in my life

Nothing beats the feeling after finishing a yoga class; I feel calmer, more grounded, lighter. My favorite class is vinyasa – a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together, whereby we move from one posture to another using our breath. It is commonly referred to as “flow” yoga.

As I’m flowing and focusing from 1 posture to another, my mind quiets down. Finally the constant chatter stop and I can feel at peace. Only when I’m in peace, I can be the best version of myself. If I do yoga in the morning, I feel better throughout the day – more focused & productive at work and mindful of other people.

I used to think that I’m a good multitasker – doing many things at the same time. This has been proven wrong by science (as apparently nobody can multitask, not even women – that’s not how our brain works) and experience. What I was doing was jumping back and forth between tasks and it was counter productive.

In the vinyasa classes, I’ve no choice but to focus on 1 posture at a time (or I will lose my balance & hurt myself). This has taught me to find my focus, to find the flow in my life.


The beginning of my yoga journey

I still remember my first yoga class – it was a hot yoga class that was on a promotion, I felt really dizzy and couldn’t even finish the entire class. I went out of the class thinking “Yoga is not for me”.

The moves were too difficult & painful – I couldn’t reach here & there, I couldn’t hold the postures properly, I felt like a.. failure. I hate it. That was 6 years ago and at that time, I wasn’t really loving myself and my body much. I was eating unhealthy and not exercising at all. I took almost all my pleasure from getting drunk in the weekends, repeating the self destructive cycle of getting stressed at work on weekdays and relieving stress by partying in the weekends, just to get even more tired & depressed when Mondays come.

My friends and colleagues kept asking me to join more yoga classes and even though I resisted & gave a lot of excuses – their persistence won. I can’t thank them for that! Over time, I began to like yoga more and more – as I went to more classes I can feel my balance, strength and flexibility grow. The postures became easier to do. My body feels better after the classes. Above all, I feel the change in my mind. I feel calmer, less angry, more appreciative of life & myself.

In the beginning I didn’t think much when the yoga teachers said “Thank yourself for coming into the mat to hear your mind & body”. Now I know it’s true. I know so little about yoga still, but I can feel the massive healing benefits it has brought to myself.

I was so blessed that yoga came into my life and I’m excited to continue learning & sharing it to everyone around me.


Misconceptions Of Yoga

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular and is definitely way more talked about than perhaps just a few years ago. But still, there are so many misconceptions and generalisation of Yoga out there.

“Nah I’m not flexible enough for that.”

“Oh I’m not someone who can just sit down and om.”

“Isn’t it for girls?”

“It’s so slow and boring that’s not a work out.”

These could not be any more wrong. I’m a huge believer in – You don’t know until you try it. Like food (oh I love food), you’ll never really know whether you like it until you actually put it in your mouth and try it. As with Yoga, it is a journey. Try 1,2,3,4,5 classes, if it isn’t something you like (I doubt it) then that’s fine.

♡ You don’t have to be flexible to start yoga. You naturally become more flexible through yoga.

♡ “Om”-ing/chanting is a small branch of yoga. It is not an integral or the only part of yoga.

♡ This isn’t something like having menstrual cycles. Yoga can be practised by men, women, children, the elderly.

♡ Today, there are so many kinds of classes you can go for. If yin/backbends aren’t your thing, try going for ashtanga/hatha/vinyasa/core I’m pretty sure you’ll get a good work out in.

I’m not trying to promote anything, I’d just love for people to be more open to what Yoga is and can be for them. Everyone is going through a different journey in Yoga, the benefits it brings me might not be the same for someone else but rather something else.

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” 💚 🌿


Sharing My Love For Yoga

I’ve been practising yoga for a few years now and although slowly and gradually, it’s taught so much within me. I’ve learned to have a more positive outlook on life, to be thankful for what I already have while chasing my goals, to maintain a healthy mind and body. Yoga has truly become a way of life.

For me, naturally, I love sharing my knowledge with others, I love being there for someone when they need me. So I thought being able to share my experience and knowledge on Yoga would be amazing. In this day and age, there are so many facades of Yoga. There’s Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Core, Backbends, Arm balance/Inversions/Yin. The beauty of having so many different styles and pace of Yoga is that most if not all people of different kinds of shape/form/fitness abilities/spirituality are able to practise it.

This has led to my interest in going for the Yoga Teacher Training Course. Majority of my practice revolved around asanas and I wanted to deepen my knowledge on how Yoga can help me and others physically and mentally. Over the course, we’ve been taught about the philosophies of Yoga, how our Chakras work (the energies in our body), linking our practice to our skeletal/muscular/respiratory/digestive system and a whole lot more.

With all these new knowledge, my hope is to share the benefits of Yoga whether physically, mentally or spiritually to those who are open to sharing their learning journey together with me.

“Let’s be the light in someone else’s darkness.” 💗


How I incorporate yoga into my daily routine

“Remember, it doesn’t matter how deep into a posture you go. What does matter is who you are when you get there. – Max Storm”

Regardless of how bad my day is, yoga is a safe refuge for me. I am always ready (unless there is an emergency) to dedicate that 1 hour daily just for yoga. The feeling of being yourself in your mat, your space is very precious. Nothing in this world can replace that wholeness feeling.

When I told my clients or colleagues that I do yoga daily, they were literally shocked. The questions that came to their minds were “how did you have the time?”, “How did you still have the energy to do yoga?”, “don’t you go to parties?” and the list goes on. Before the circuit breaker was imposed by the Singapore Government to contain the spread of the COVID-19, I went to the evening yoga session daily (and returned to the office if I needed to). During the circuit breaker, I practice morning yoga in my abode daily.

Working in the financial industry, dealing with difficult people, and chasing tight deadlines have been a daily love-hate relationship in my career. Whilst I enjoy whatever I am doing, I will not be able to meet the balance in life if it is not because of yoga. Though most of the yoga sessions and my own practice are asana-based classes, these asanas help to calm my mind, bring awareness to what matters most in life and makes me feel ready to embrace the challenge with an open mind.

In a nutshell, yoga is a haven to me and my life.


Diana Pangestu


Yoga is a life journey

Yoga is a life journey

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” –The Bhagavad Gita

The above quote is how I perceive yoga. Many people practice yoga without even realizing it. Yoga can be practised by everyone regardless of age and body type. There is no need to be flexible, strong, or young to practice yoga. All we need is an open mind and an open heart to learn – the beginning of the yoga journey.

Yoga is about a lifestyle and is a way of life. As I deepen my understanding of the yoga teachings, I am amazed at yoga touches all aspects of how I live my life. Yoga is about achieving a balance and harmony between the mind, body, and spirit, both individually and in relationship with the world around us. It is also important to bring awareness to every part of your physical and spiritual being, allowing you to feel truly alive of the present moment.

To me, yoga is a lifelong journey to learn about myself and it will always be a part of me.

Diana Pangestu