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Piriformis syndrome

Piriformis syndrome   Before my YTT journey, I occasionally felt this pain on my upper legs especially when I walked too long, and due to some yoga practice, I thought it was my alignment of my feet and tried to walk abit differently to try things out to make my

Meditation meaning and benefits

Meditation meaning and benefits Meditation Meditation is also mentioned in the Ashtanga 8 limbs of yoga, particularly Dhyana. Like the physical practice of yoga, dhyana also forms a profound connection with the universe by doing mental exercises to bring you to a higher state of consciousness. This connection happens in

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Philosophy – to your own story As a student, practitioner, and soon-to-be teacher, the philosophy of yoga has allowed me to create a deeper awareness; gaining awareness within, of oneself and with the interactions with the world. Yoga is not just bound to postures and alignments or the physical


平衡体式是瑜伽练习中的常见体式,也是对初学者而言普遍具有挑战性的体式。从人体运动解剖学的角度来看,注意几个肌肉发力的要点就能帮助我们有效地做好平衡体式。 首先是臀大肌和臀中肌的收紧,臀部肌肉的收缩能帮助胯的稳定,并辅助大腿前侧的股四头肌发挥支持作用。 其次,平衡的体式中,支撑腿和抬起的腿都需要激活关节周围的肌肉,通过收紧大腿前侧的股四头肌带动肌肉上提,并带动膝盖骨向上。 最后,核心有意识地收缩也能帮助我们稳定身体重心,有力地扎根地面,维持身体的稳定。 接下来,让我们通过拆解经典的瑜伽平衡体式——站立手抓大脚趾式,来深入了解平衡体式的发力要点。 从山式开始,将重心转移至左脚,弯曲右膝向上抬至往胸部,左手放在髋关节上。接着,用大拇指、食指和中指抓住右脚大脚趾。微微向内旋转左侧大腿,大腿前侧的股四头肌收缩,收紧膝盖骨。呼气,向前伸展右腿,保持1-5次呼吸。另一侧重复以上动作。 第一步,激活站立腿的股四头肌,伸直膝关节。大腿外侧的阔筋膜张肌在稳定膝关节的同时也协助股四头肌伸展膝关节。臀中肌自动收缩以稳定骨盆,股骨和胫骨的长轴处于正位,避免膝盖超伸。 第二步,上抬右腿时,启动髋屈动作的原动肌髂腰肌。耻骨肌、内收长肌和内收短肌协同完成此动作。通过有意识地激活股四头肌、以伸直膝关节,从膝关节内侧延伸至骨盆前部的缝匠肌将进一步完善这动作。 第三步,收缩胸大肌和三角肌前束,用手将大腿提得更高。随着腿的抬高,我们将强化臀大肌、腘绳肌和腓肠肌的拉伸。 最后,由于站立手抓大脚趾时,上拾腿的胭绳肌和臀大肌受到拉动,容易有身体前倾的趋势。此时,需要通过内凹腰椎激活竖脊肌,并收缩站立腿的臀部、腰方肌和臀大肌。

8 Limbs of Yoga : Niyama

In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Niyama is the second limb of the 8 limbs of yoga. Niyama means rules, guideline or observances. Niyama is the practice that you concentrate to yourself and expose to external from within. There are five practices for Niyama includes; Saucha, Santosha, Tapas, Swadhyaya and Ishvara pranidhana.

Beyond Asana: 8 Limbs of Yoga – Yama

Yoga is not just about asana. According to the Yoga Sutra, compiled by Patanjali Maharishi, the practices of Ashtanga yoga or Raja yoga can be divided into 8 limbs, which form the foundation that guides yogis to Samadhi, the super conscious state. Yama is the first limb of the eight.

Writing Meditation

Writing Sri Rama Jayam is known as Likitha Japam- Writing Meditation. Writing the same word over and over again sounds a lot like old school punishment when I was a kid. But I’m informed by articles that I find on the Internet that it can give one a sense of surrender

Knock knock. Who’s there really?

“Study thy self, discover the divine.” – Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, 2.44. In the 8 limbs of yoga, Pantanjali asks that we trust our true nature is what we are seeking for. The Sanskrit term, Svadhyaya, translates to “self-study”; “Sva” means “own” or “self”, and “adhyaya” means “learning” or “studying”.  Look within,

Finding length in arm balances

“Lengthen your spine!”   A common cue in any yoga class, it almost reminds you of your mum yelling at you to stop slouching when you were a kid. Elliot showing us how to sit tall. When we think of asanas involving the spine, top of mind are forward folds