Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Philosophy - to your own story

As a student, practitioner, and soon-to-be teacher, the philosophy of yoga has allowed me to create a deeper awareness; gaining awareness within, of oneself and with the interactions with the world. Yoga is not just bound to postures and alignments or the physical benefits it brings about. It is about creating more mindful connections to anyone or anything. 


Through this YTT journey, it has made me more mindful of my mind and body and how the mind, body, and spirit are connected, in the cycle of life. As much as the physical benefits, it teaches one to be more consistent in a practice, relax the mind, and shift it into a practice where there is continuous comfort is postures as per sutra 2.46 Sthira Sukham Asanam. It has also taught me that rest is not a reward, it is essential. The body and mind needs space to rest, to relax, to feel at peace and harmony, to turn that attention of the material world inwards to that of oneself; it to be compassionate to yourself and acknowledging that the body needs rest, and surrender to oneself and the supreme source. Similarly, Pranayamas allow for greater self-awareness and connection.


Overall, yoga philosophy means to mindful, be accepting and content towards what you have and bring the awareness within, but keeping the mind open to the many other possibilities, don’t limit our potential.