Yoga's benefits for a lean physique.

Yoga is an easy way to achieve total lifestyle fitness. Yoga just needs practice to find the right body movements and breathing. Yoga strengthens, regularises and maintains the circle of body, mind and soul. Yoga helps our psychological strength through inner peace, health, knowledge, flexibility and harmony.

Practicing Yoga every day will help you lose weight without becoming bulky because Yoga practices uses a lot of isometric muscle contraction as well as flexibility.  As a mother of twin boys I have what is called “mummy tummy” until I started practicing Tirisula Yoga Teacher Training Course. This is our fourth week of practicing and I realised my mummy tummy is shrinking and my lateral abdominals are really toned for the first time in five years since I gave birth.  It also helps that I am eating healthily and carefully during my teacher training.   My twin boys are five years old, so I spend a lot of time bending down and picking them up.  My rigorous training has helped my posture and my backache has gone for the first time since I was pregnant. Yoga truly helps post-natal recovery and allows the body to work properly with the mind.  

Keep practicing every day – you will see the difference! 


Ocna. (200 Hr TTC May 2017)

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