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What The Future Holds (Chapter 4)

Since Including Ashtanga into my exercise regime, I am now more convinced than ever that practising yoga can hugely complement strength training. This totally opposes the common misconception of most men on what Yoga practise is all about as described in my “Perceptions” post, and this is what I endeavour

Another New Beginning (Chapter 3)

By this time, I was enjoying my balance of CrossFit exercise and power flow yoga sessions. I found that both disciplines were complementary to each because my practice in both greatly improved coincidentally when combined both into my weekly exercise regime. Once again, I thought to myself that I found

Perceptions (Chapter 2)

“Yoga is really good for relaxing the muscles”, a fitness trainer said to me. “I’ll do yoga when I’m old and can’t run anymore”, said another fitness enthusiast and “Yoga is too boring for me”. These are the common perceptions of Yoga by most men, and admittedly myself before, who

Crossroads (Chapter 1)

As a middle-aged man in a first world country, survival and longevity in such an environment meant chasing the 5Cs. There I was 3 years ago, advancing in a career path in IT and keeping my clientele and bosses happy, but something didn’t feel quite right in the inside. It

Thank you Mr Yoga.

At first I thought Yoga was a very static activity, and a grand-mother’s hobby. Today, after several years of practice I am so impressed by all the tings Yoga has brought to me and how eye opening it was: Breathing and meditation exercise helps me to reach peace and empty

Why did I started YTT?

A year ago, I started questioning my lifestyle and the way I was using my time. I am working in a full-time job for a very demanding boss/Company. I lived far away from my family for the last 6 years, and I feel like 80% of my time and energy

Yoga and You

Saga said: Yoga is the ability to direct the mind exclusively toward the object and sustain that direction without any distraction. Janna Yoga A practice dedicated to liberation through knowledge and wisdom involves both learnings via mind and beyond the mind. It includes studying texts, thinking about ideas, and ultimately

Future and Yoga

We lost our true self and let the situation controlled our emotional in the 21-century with self-centred, lack of sympathetic world and an increase in depression in the sociality. We can cultivate gifts and offer them to the world with yoga practice. To be happy and contented to what we

My present state of mind

To practise the five of the eight-limbed path as guidance for inner and external transformation in my life. 1) Yama – gives specific guidelines for dealing with my mind and interact with the world on an ethical and peaceful way. 2) Niyama – help me cultivate orderliness and cleanliness, contentment,

3 things that Yoga brought me

Yoga has brought several changes to my life, today I count 3 of them: Escape from Noise: Since I started to practice yoga I noticed it offers me an escape from noise in my head and stress. I now have a way to find deep internal peace even for a