Yani Mudra

Mudra (hand gesture practice), is ancient technique that we use during Pranayama, Meditation and during the Asana practice. We can use them to connect with ourselves and our emotions, and to help us foster feelings of strength, balance or calm whenever we need it. All mudras have different meanings and purpose and they can be a powerful tool in our practice.
Mudra is a Sanskrit term that means “gesture” or “attitude.”
Each Mudra establishes a distinct relationship and has a distinct influence on the body, mind, and prana.
Diseases arise from an imbalance in the body, which is produced by a shortage or excess of any of the five elements: air, water, fire, earth, and space.
Air (Vayu)- Index Finger
Fire (Agni)- Thumb Finger
Water (Jal)- Little Finger
Earth (Prithvi)- Ring Finger
Space (Akash)- Middle Finger
There is believe it exist around 400 mudras, I have read about the most female mudra, that will help you connect to your divine femininity and feel empowered to take on challenges and change
Yoni Mudra is extremely powerful for silencing the mind and for harnessing your feminine power. This is a meditative mudra, performed by holding a certain hand and body posture, to achieve the calmness of the mind. It is said that this yoga position helps to achieve the same tranquility of mind that an unborn child feels when it is inside the womb. And, as you may have already guessed, some practitioners also believe that this mudra helps to improve fertility and also health for a woman. It is also a representative of Shakti, the feminine power.
The Yoni Mudra needs to be performed when you sit in a cross-legged posture on the floor or on a firm chair. Hold your body straight and erect, and close your eyes. Bring the palms of your hands together in the Namaste posture, and point the thumbs up. Now, open your palms apart, while the tips of the fingers of the two hands are still together.
Next, while the tips of the index fingers and the thumbs are still joined, just fold the little fingers, ring fingers, and middle fingers inwards, so that the backs of the fingers from one hand touch those of the other hand. Meanwhile, the two index fingers and the two thumbs form a closed ring. Now, press the pointed thumbs on your navel. While you hold this position, breathe slowly and deeply. There are variations of this mudra, as well, like the Sarva Yoni Mudra, Shanmukhi Mudra.
Its believe to be a great method to get a self-reflection and self-love