Balancing the Dosha

The value in balancing the Dosha

Doshas are expressions of our prana in our physical bodies.  The three main Doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. 

Vata is the combination of air and ether.    In balance it is a source of creativity enthusiasm and flexibility.  When in excess we are prone to worry, fear and insomnia.


Pitta arises from fire in balance it is a source of intelligence and understanding, helping us to work out right from wrong.  When in excess it leads to anger and hate.


Kapha is from earth and water.  As balance it is love and compassion and calmness.  When out of balance it is lethargy, attachment and envy.


We find balance in our diet and lifestyle but also in the types of Asana poses and practices that we can do.

Balancing Vata, – benefit from slow and gradual steady flows, grounding themselves and lingering longer that others in deeper poses.  Nadi Shodhana is a good pranyama.

Balancing Pitta – Pitta benefit from a longer pause between poses and letting go of there competitive tendencies.  Using asanas to focus on cooling, relaxing practice. Mindful relaxation and cooling pranayama

Balancing Kaphas – focus on flowing and warming practices that stimulate the metabolism and circulation.  Warming pranayama – kapalabhati to build up the energy.  Standing poses that open the heart and stimulate the blood. 

Understanding how the yogic process can awaken you, balance and integrate all the energies has been a really interesting learning.  To explore the idea of integration of the energy and disintegration where we separate into the mind, body and breath.  

We fit yoga into our lives, around the hustle and bustle of the day to day noise and this makes the role of yoga teacher so important.  We give space to experience balance, to see glimpses of the wholeness and inner peace that a student can obtain.

How we set up the class, the focus on cultivating the energy and breathing are so important for a student to really get the benefit form a yoga practice.