Better posture from Yoga

In yoga the main principal is to keep your body aligned. This starts with squared shoulders, but also includes a straight back, open chest and feet flat on the ground. Generally speaking, good posture feels good.

Besides stressing the importance of relaxation and breathing, yoga also teaches body awareness through “poses”. The more you’re aware of your posture, the more likely you’ll adjust it during the day.

Even outside the yoga class, I kept the habit of proper alignment and help me to keep my posture at home without any effort as my body muscles start changing and being align by itself.

Yoga is also linked to building core strength. The core muscles are directly involved in controlling the lumbar spine, which is essential for achieving good posture. By boosting core strength, I receive greater back support and I even see relief from lower back pain.

Yoga also gave me a great flexibility. Flexibility is key in posture control because it aids in balance, reducing muscle stiffness and tension, and reducing the chances of injures.