Yoga for Internal Organs.

The word Yoga comes from Sanskrit and the original Sanskrit writing means both union and discipline. Practicing yoga disciplines the body and mind by connecting the body and mind. It is spiritual and meditational to balance the body and mind as well keep us integrated with our natural and original being.
Yoga is exercise that improves quality of life and brings healthy living forever to its practicers. Yoga can be used to help make the body organs function better like the constipation exercise I learned, which was amazing. I also amazed that CASTOR oil benefits too. You can use joint pain, anti wrinkles, dry skin, even insomnia. 

Here are the five things you should do every morning. 
1) Make a habit of waking up forty-five minutes before the sun rises. 
2) Kapalbhati breathing three rounds of 20 times. 
3) Anuloma-Viloma 10 rounds. 
4) Uddīyana Bandha 5 times. 
5) Asanas:
1 minute Forward bend. 
1 minute Cobra.
1 minute Side twist. 
6) Dedication. 

Yoga is the practice of controlling body movements and breathing. It helps the inner and outer body and strength of mind by connecting the body and mind to nature. The practice is spiritual, mental and emotional and because it relaxes the body instead of stressing the body. Because Yoga can be practiced at all different levels and easinesses and is an individual discipline it can be done by people of all ages from very young to very old. Practising yoga every day gives many heath benefits.

Ocna. (200 Hr TTC May 2017)

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