Yoga Articles

How I started my yoga journey

My fate with Yoga started when I was 10. It wasn’t Yoga practice itself, but the ballet classes that I’ve been taking for more than a decade ago. All the graceful postures that other seen on stage was a small part of all the sweats and commitments behind the scenes.

Piriformis syndrome

Piriformis syndrome   Before my YTT journey, I occasionally felt this pain on my upper legs especially when I walked too long, and due to some yoga practice, I thought it was my alignment of my feet and tried to walk abit differently to try things out to make my

Meditation meaning and benefits

Meditation meaning and benefits Meditation Meditation is also mentioned in the Ashtanga 8 limbs of yoga, particularly Dhyana. Like the physical practice of yoga, dhyana also forms a profound connection with the universe by doing mental exercises to bring you to a higher state of consciousness. This connection happens in

Yoga Philosophy

The philosophy of yoga will help us connect deeper to the study of our yoga as a teacher, practitioner and student. Throughout my YTT journey, I have learned much about the background of yoga and the many meanings behind various asanas and why we do pranayama. There are many different

My Yoga Journey

I started yoga back in my university days. It has been an on and off journey, which I started off with the intention to be healthier since I dislike cardio workouts, and thinking that it is just a form of exercise that increases flexibility. As I grew older and continued

Yoga is love

“Do not refine yourself for yoga, let yoga refine you.” Master Sree has reiterated this throughout our practice. I wish I can put into words how this statement holds true in my life, especially over the course of consistent yoga practice for the entire month of December. We are all

Kriyā at Work

In my line of work, we often speak about growth pillars, white space expansions and business targets. It really got me thinking – am I also growing, expanding and developing alongside with the business? What are some of the growth and guiding pillars that will allow myself to flourish? The

Remember to breathe – it is the secret to life

“Remember to Breathe. It is after all, the secret to life.” I had never thought much about the importance of breathing and the breaths we took. Truly and with all honesty. Even before, when I was taking yoga classes casually, I do remember the teachers reminding us to breathe when

The basics of mastery

(No) Thanks to social media, everyone and their yoga buddy seems bent on nailing some fanciful asana or its variations. “I’m working towards xx arm balance/ inversion/ funky something etc”. Today’s Power flow, Vinyasa and other themed classes are often planned around a peak pose, feeding the desire to glam

Knock knock. Who’s there really?

“Study thy self, discover the divine.” – Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, 2.44. In the 8 limbs of yoga, Pantanjali asks that we trust our true nature is what we are seeking for. The Sanskrit term, Svadhyaya, translates to “self-study”; “Sva” means “own” or “self”, and “adhyaya” means “learning” or “studying”.  Look within,