Yoga Philosophy

The philosophy of yoga will help us connect deeper to the study of our yoga as a teacher, practitioner and student. Throughout my YTT journey, I have learned much about the background of yoga and the many meanings behind various asanas and why we do pranayama. There are many different ways to interpret the teachings in yoga. You can decide as an individual to delve deep into the spiritual, mental or the physical aspect of yoga.

Before we can create our own yoga philosophy, we need to question ourselves by asking what we are looking to achieve in yoga. Are we looking to achieve Moksha through “The 8 Limbs of Ashtanga”?
My personal philosophy of yoga is to find balance. To be able to connect the mind, body and spirit in my practice. Be open and flexible to new knowledge, yet be able to stay grounded throughout to continue living in our material world. As Patanjali says “Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodha” which roughly translates to whoever can remove their thoughts is yogi. I want to be able to still my mind through meditation, find peace and gratitude within my practice. Slowly working towards my physical practice such that they become isometric – finding comfort in a continuous posture.