How I started my yoga journey

My fate with Yoga started when I was 10. It wasn’t Yoga practice itself, but the ballet classes that I’ve been taking for more than a decade ago. All the graceful postures that other seen on stage was a small part of all the sweats and commitments behind the scenes. However, the “side-effect” as an ex-ballerina is I’ve been walking with my feet slight turned out involuntary for the past years which is pretty common among the group.

Until the recent years I’ve noticed my feet are parallel while walking, all thanks to the yoga practice which I’ve started back in 2019. That was when I realized how yoga can benefit to our body.

Unfortunately, I was not able to keep the practices consistently at the same center or stick to a yoga teacher who I can grow better with as my family always migrating from country to country.

3 years ago, I’ve met this yoga teacher who is able to help me grow and makes me understand that yoga it’s not just about flexibility and balance, it also needs both physical and mental strength.

This is why I am here today, getting my YTT course eager to deepen my knowledge about Yoga. I’m looking forward to practicing all my learnings from Master Sree and becoming the better yoga practitioner in the near future.