My Yoga Journey

I started yoga back in my university days. It has been an on and off journey, which I started off with the intention to be healthier since I dislike cardio workouts, and thinking that it is just a form of exercise that increases flexibility.

As I grew older and continued my journey in the different types of yoga that can be found in various studios, I didn’t really know what I was doing. All I knew was I was following poses after poses but not really understanding what the benefits of these poses bring or what they mean.

Then somewhere down the road, something changed, though I’m not sure what the trigger was. But my perception of yoga started to change. It might have been because I started practising it alone, or maybe it became something that I began pursuing intrinsically, rather than social influences. I’m not very sure.

Yoga was no longer just an exercise or an activity that tires me out. I no longer see it as just a mean to increase flexibility. It was also a way to increase my strength and not just physical or core strength, but my mental strength too.

It also became my stress reliever, my peace bringer. I started to feel more relaxed after each session, more at peace after each practice, physically and mentally. I felt myself becoming a calmer person as my practice carried on.

Then as I started working, there was a period of time when I stopped practising yoga. And with long hours of sedentary lifestyle, I began having lower back pain. And going for dancing classes made it worse sometimes. For no reason, I thought I would like to pick up the practice again. And in one of my practices, through one of the instructor’s guidance, I realised that I was pretty much able to relieve that my back pain issue when poses were done with proper alignment and the correct engagement of muscles. That’s when I became interested in wanting to find out more about proper alignments in yoga poses.

And then one day out of the blue, it is just came to my mind that maybe one of the ways to learn the proper alignments would be through instructor courses. So, I started searching and that’s when I came across Tirisula Yoga’s Hatha Instructor course.

I’m really glad and thankful that I embarked on this journey because apart from proper alignments, I learnt so much more about Yoga, that it is not just an exercise.

It is everything, to nothing.

There are so many abstract yet practical ideas and practices in Yoga. And I was surprised to even learn that it is possible for one to practise Yoga without practising the asanas!

Just when I thought I’m getting nearer to understanding Yoga when I started this course, I’m actually only at the very starting point of this journey! It is still a long way ahead and a never ending path of learning about the self, the world, and everything.