Kriyā at Work

In my line of work, we often speak about growth pillars, white space expansions and business targets. It really got me thinking – am I also growing, expanding and developing alongside with the business? What are some of the growth and guiding pillars that will allow myself to flourish?

The big question that I had for myself – What are the Virtues that I feel strongly and passionately about, that will support my personal development?

Here’s mine and my reflections!


Who is the real you, when no one is watching? Are you able to hold yourself accountable for every action that you’re taking?

Heck! Let’s not even go into actions as yet. Let’s begin with self-awareness and intentions. Are you thinking, saying and doing the right thing?

While the concept of right vs. wrong may be debatable by some, given the circumstances faced by individuals. But there are universal moral principles that are non-negotiables!

Have an honest conversation with yourself. You are accountable for your actions, that are guided by the standards and set of principles that you exemplify!

That sense of “Do the Right Thing”; that’s integrity, my moral compass.


Understanding the concept of being humble and having humility is fairly understood by many. But what are some of the examples that can transcend from the concept of “Humility” and into our everyday life? Here are some of my suggestions!

· Servant Leadership – Focus on the needs of others, before you consider your own

· Giving without Expecting – The ability to give in all forms, is a testimony of truly having what you can and will give. Therefore, when giving wholeheartedly… You naturally have no expectations!

· Volunteering – Service to others is a way for passing goodness forward. Because everyone arrives and streams through life with the help and support of others. So, lend a hand!

·  Ego Self-Checks – Daily inward reflections. To reflect upon your interactions with others, check on your choice of words and actions to others.

Humility is another virtue that I hold dearly to my heart. Because in life, we’ll always be grateful for people who have stood by and supported us. So, let’s pay/give it forward!


If ever, if I have personally failed to uphold myself to the first two virtues – one who did not operate with integrity and had little humility in managing any situation… With honest self-reflection, I’ll like to have the empathy to forgive myself and challenge myself to do better, be better.

Same goes to dealing with individuals, teams and community – having the empathy to understand that everyone is at their current capacity, based on their lived experience… is trying their best.

Being empathetic is a moral virtue that can be applied to self and others; and in this business world while it is important to be holding one-self/others accountable to their actions…

But first, have the open heart to listen, to learn, to understand and to communicate. Then do better, be better.

Empathetic to one-self and to all.

Have you reflected upon virtues that you stand for?

What are the some of the virtues that is important to today’s business environment and that you’ll like to embody?