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Ah, the almighty backbend

Upward Bow Pose – Urdhva Dhanurasana I still remember the first time I was introduced to upward bow pose during my Ashtanga Yoga class last year. Lying on my back, I tried to figure out the pose by observing other students. All of a sudden, the young lady next to

Yoga: My journey to a happier life

I came to practice yoga in 2019 when I wanted to have a better health. At that time, my health screening result was quite bad and it took me to a point that I should do something to improve my physical health, then yoga came to my mind. I signed

Dawn, not Dusk.

I pondered (and spoke) very long before doing it, Yet I was still not as prepared and that worried me more than a bit.   I thought I was fit but I was nowhere near my classmates, Their poses alignment more beautiful that what I had seen to date, Their

Adho Mukha Vrksasana

Balance On The Hands Adho mukha vrksasana, handstand to me is a journey of self discovering, it take times and need constant practices to build up muscles for resistance, flexibility and mobility. After fumbling around at the beginning until I finally able to balance on hands, I think I would

My journey of discovery

Coming to yoga teacher training course with a special agenda of mine… to find out how yoga can help me in having healthy, glowing and flawless skin. This journey allows me to explore more in depth about what I can do to make this happen. It’s undeniable that toxins in


Aparigraha is the last Yama (moral guidelines with regard to our relationship with ourselves and the world around us) in Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga. It is often translated to ‘non-greed’, ‘non-possessiveness’, and ‘non-attachment’. This important yama teaches us to take only what we need, keep only what serves us in the


Yoga, union of body and mind. ‘The thousands of journey begin with one step’ – Lao Tze. We often learn one or two ancient philosophy quote as we grow up and this particular one influences me the most because I wouldn’t have accomplish many things in my life if I was

Three most important things Yoga has taught me

Starting from Jan 2021 with an “impure” purpose, I have regularly practiced Yoga for six months. I could not believe that I will genuinely love Yoga one day when my motivation was only to lose weight and become more flexible. Have I achieved my original goal? Kind of, I have

My Yoga Journey and Philosophy

Why did I start yoga? Growing up, I was always the weak kid, full of excuses to skip any physical extra-curricular activities in school, even as an adult, I dreaded going to any fitness classes or would reject any invitations from friends for any sports related outings. I was not

The intricacies of being a good yoga teacher

Thanks to my past experience as a part-time art teacher for small kids as well as conducting dance workshops, the concept of teaching isn’t exactly new to me. I’ve always enjoyed the experience of connecting with others through sharing something that I was passionate in to others, and hence teaching