Vegan Burger anyone?

Most of the vegetarian restaurants in Singapore are either Chinese or Indian. Less options for Western food. I meant a full vegetarian restaurant, not one whereby they serve meat but have veg options.
I recently went to a vegetarian restaurant in the Eastern part of Singapore, near Eunos area, and so coincidently, bumped into a Yoga student. Small world. I got to know of this place through another student who passed me a brochure.
It is called Vegan Burger, details at
The setting of this place is a fast food restaurant, very Western feel. The food selection is typically fast food, with burgers, fries and drinks. The way they serve the burger is very interesting as well…
I would recommend this place for these few reasons:
Free parking
Not crowded
Nice environment, spacious
burger is quite delicious
Fries, even though it is not healthy, is quite nice, once in a while it’s alright
If they can improve on these things, I would go there more often:
Juices are not real juice, it is too diluted and artificial, taste like syrup drink
soup is too watery
they can have more options of sides, instead of fries. E.g, salads.
More variety of burgers, or can include wraps
Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean one does not eat out or have very limited options. I am still quite a foodie and likes to seek out new places for vegetarian food. So, if you know of any good vegetarian restaurants, please let me know!

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