Finding sustenance in Singapore

Each time I breeze  into a new place it takes a few days to find a venue that offers a truly satisfying meal for a vegan.  Arriving in Singapore I was not at all prepared, it was late, I was tired, and a strenuous yoga session was fast approaching.
Day 1- I drag myself out of bed, pack the limited supplies that I have ( Icarried these all the way from Australia ‘just incase’) and head out the door.  Asana practice goes well, I devour my goodies but I know a sachet of oats, an apple and one green tea bag  will not suffice for long! I can hear a colourful salad and a just cooked spicy stir fry calling my name. Class finishes and I step out onto the pavement, now where to? Having only been in Singapore for a grand total of 15 hours it seems like an ideal time to explore. My mind is willing but my body is not. I head in the direction of my resting place in hope that I will see something on the way. I am alert looking for anything that could cure my desire.  Nothing, all of a sudden I am at the street across from my hotel and I have nothing in my stomach yet. However I must say, on the walk I saw many promising signs, actually the word vegetarian popped up many times just not the ‘healthy vegan options’ I craved. What to do?
When you stop looking you find what you seek…..
 By now I have entered the new city square mall opposite my hotel. I decide to search for a grocery store as I am sure they will have a fresh crunchy carrot and a bag of nuts to suffice. I scan the shops directory board and something catches my eye, “four seasons organic market and cafe”,  sounds promising. On approach I notice a salad counter with more colour then I have seen on the journey so far, from the menu I order a stuffed mushroom burger. It comes (albeit very slowly), I eat, I am satisfied.
Now I have a content tummy I go about ‘googleling’ food options for the coming days. I also ask around at yoga class the following day. Armed with a list of restaurant names, locations,  and a map the coming days lead me to an array of healthy vegan delights!
Places I have experienced so far

  • Salad stop Very tasty salad and wrap options made fresh to order. Also ‘create your own’ options so everyone gets a chance to be innovative!
  • 7 sensations  This place is a winner!!! The first and only place thus far that I have encountered an authentic, fresh, crisp, meat free Vietnamese fresh spring roll. I truly relax in a new city when I find this, they are one of my favourite things to consume! In addition the menu offers a diverse mix of dishes including salads, currys, and noodles.           
  • Living greens A menu where every option is vegan friendly certainly put this one on the ‘must try’ list for me. The options are varied and creative with daily specials to keep things interesting. I absolutely love the quiche, certainly a dish that a vegan would not usually consider! (Living’s quiche is made with tofu and vegetables)               
  • Real food  Creating meals with quality ingredients is real food’s philosophy. Sounds good! While the menu is generous in both size and variety, there are alot of non- vegan dishes. I am a little disappointed when I discover a number of items have been removed from the menu (including my beloved fresh spring rolls). They do however make tasty mixed vegetables with options of brown rice and whole grain noodles.                                                                                          

For now I am slowly working my way through the list with only a few destinations left to try out. I anticipate quite a few return trips as well as numerous accidental discoveries now that I have found my ‘exploration groove’. One thing I am still craving; a huge bowl of assorted vegetables with tofu…. fresh, light, and a little spicy! Any suggestions please pass them on.
For when I return to Australia and my kitchen this is the first thing I will cook!
Vegetarian San choy bow
Ingredients (quantities of all is dependant on individual preferences)
soft tofu
(any other vegetables you wish that can be cut small and cook quickly)
Soy sauce
oyster sauce (vegetarian)
Chinese five spice
coriander powder
Fresh coriander
Lettuce cups
Fresh lime (to squeeze)
Chop all vegetables into small cubes ( 1 cmx1cm or smaller)
Heat pan, add onion, garlic, chili, eggplant, capsicum, let brown.
Add all other vegetables and a cup of water cover to let steam briefly.
Add sauces and spices and soft tofu, stir until heated through and all vegetables are to your liking.
Serve in fresh lettuce cups garnished with fresh coriander and lime to squeeze
Try it out and enjoy!!

Vegan Burger anyone?

Most of the vegetarian restaurants in Singapore are either Chinese or Indian. Less options for Western food. I meant a full vegetarian restaurant, not one whereby they serve meat but have veg options.
I recently went to a vegetarian restaurant in the Eastern part of Singapore, near Eunos area, and so coincidently, bumped into a Yoga student. Small world. I got to know of this place through another student who passed me a brochure.
It is called Vegan Burger, details at
The setting of this place is a fast food restaurant, very Western feel. The food selection is typically fast food, with burgers, fries and drinks. The way they serve the burger is very interesting as well…
I would recommend this place for these few reasons:
Free parking
Not crowded
Nice environment, spacious
burger is quite delicious
Fries, even though it is not healthy, is quite nice, once in a while it’s alright
If they can improve on these things, I would go there more often:
Juices are not real juice, it is too diluted and artificial, taste like syrup drink
soup is too watery
they can have more options of sides, instead of fries. E.g, salads.
More variety of burgers, or can include wraps
Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean one does not eat out or have very limited options. I am still quite a foodie and likes to seek out new places for vegetarian food. So, if you know of any good vegetarian restaurants, please let me know!