The power of visualization

Visualization is something that is within the capabiities of most people. It is simple to do and it is natural that we wish to visualize pleasant scenarios, loved ones and memorable experiences.
There maybe many techniques used in visualization but personally I have not consciously learnt any techniques but I find myself constantly employing this useful tool that I believe is innate in all of us.
Recently, at the 200 hrs teachers training course, we experimented with active meditation. This form of meditation is supposed to be useful for the urbanites who cannot clear their minds easily because besides passive mind work, the body is also working to actively distract the practitioner. One of the exercises was to run on the spot without stopping for 15 -20 mins. Furthermore we had to try and bring the knees as high as possible while running, so it wasn’t a jog. For one not used to running at all, I was puffed out after the first minute. My breath was becoming shallow and I was longing for a drink. Out of the blue, I started to visualize that I was running on the golden sand by the beach with the ozone-filled sea breezes caressing my body and my lungs were filed with fresh air and Prana to boot. As if by magic, I felt like a clockwork toy just being wound up and I started to run with renewed energy and vigor.
Another example of how visualization works for me every time is when I am writing poetry. For instance when I am writing about someone, I visualize the image of the person, the facial features, gait, clothes and most importantly the scene when we last met; exchange of words, topics discussed, laughter shared. Without fail, ideas pop into my head and release strings of sentences that I can use for my poem. It is truly amazing for me but skeptics may say that it is only recollection. Whatever it is it is my handy tool and I am not hurting anyone.
Yoga Nidra with visualization and autosuggestion is a powerful tool like hypnotism. In my experience, I feel that my whole body is ‘glued’ to the floor and my limbs are like lead weights. ‘Coming out’ of yoga nidra is a wonderful experience for me every time when I have to peel my arms and legs from the floor and they feel so relaxed and energized even though they felt like weights a second before…… Strange sensation!
As a budding yoga teacher I find it useful to visualize the sequence of my lesson plan and all the actions within it to help me remember.
Try it for yourself and be amazed!