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Ahimsa & World Peace

Mandy Neo , 200 hr (NOV 2015) Ahimsa and World Peace Ahimsa realisation on an individual scale will lead to world peace. When one let go of one’s feelings of hatred, resentment, and anger and choose to forgive , seek to understand and help another, the feelings of compassion will

living as a “true me”

Maggie , 200HR YTT SEP 15 Satya is the Sanskrit of truth ; no telling of lies , living the truth I believe the first step for the satya is being truthful to myself. Being truthful to myself , accept what I am, my weakness, and my mistakes. Accept the

Press handstand, muscle movement

Maggie, 200hr YTT , Sep 15 Lengthening Hamstrings Adductor Longus Pectinues Gracilis Rhombois Latissimus dorsi Teres Major Lengthening while contracting Wrist Flexors Contracting Psoas Iliacus Quadriceps Tensor fascia latae Gluteus Medius Gluteus Maximus Pronator teres Anterior deltoid Pectoralis Major Triceps Trapezius Serratus anterior Quadratus lumborum Spinal extensors

Spa for the endocrine

Maggie , 200Hr YTT, Sep 15 Yoga brings a lot of benefits to Endocrine System from the breath technique to Asana and Meditation. I specially want to talk about how yoga could benefit Hypothalamus. As I always feel Hypothalamus is amazing gland which is the centre of emotions Hypothalamus is

The circulation of inspiration

Maggie 200Hr YTT Sep 15 There are thousands of benefits of yoga. But I only want to talk about one which impacts me the most profound : the circulation of inspiration flowing between the body and mind. I started to practice yoga about 3 to 4 years ago. But first

Life Lessons From The Mat

“Core”. I believe the sole mention of this word would make most people cringe/moan/tremble in fear during a yoga class. Core exercises (e.g. crunches, sit ups, leg lifts, yogic bicycles, navasana) are generally unpopular because they are painful and torturous. To be honest, I, too, wasn’t a fan of core


Tejal weekday- 200 hr Swadhyaya – is going inwards. You first have to know yourself and understand your self. Do I know my body ? Do I know my breath ? Do I know how my body moves or does not move in some asanas .How my breath gets short

Let it go…

As a human being, I think we tend to have difficulty of letting go in life. Well, at least for me. Be it people, thoughts, mistakes, ideas, objects – we have a tendency to be possessive to a certain extent that we do not realise. The art of letting go

How asanas and pranayamas make the endocrine system more efficient

The endocrine system maintains the balance in our body. They are ductless glands working tirelessly in your body to produce hormones that as they pass their secretions directly into the blood. They are located at the brain (pituitary and pineal gland), throat (thyroid), chest (thymus), kidney (adrenal gland and pancreas)

Ashtanga Yoga Philosophy – Satya

Olivia (200Hr Weekday Nov’15) This is a fast-paced world, especially in a modern city like Singapore. People are so busy working & living. But if you pause for a second and ask– why I am always so rushing? For what? Then the answers will be – I need to finish