As it comes to an end…

Few more sessions and My 200hrs YTT course is about to end I am actually starting to miss it. For almost 3 months I would be waking up early in the morning on a weekend just to get ready and head up to my yoga school/studio. I would be spending 6 ½ hours of my day, learning stuffs about yoga together with different people having different reasons why they are there.
I still remember the first day in class when we were asked why are we taking the course and why are we there. I was the first one to answer that question not because I volunteered but because I was sitting at the corner of the room, my answer was “I want to learn more about yoga because I want to learn how to teach and be a yoga instructor”. Others wanted to deepen their knowledge about yoga, learn whether what they are doing is right or wrong, others for their personal development, some wanted to know whether medical problems they have such as knee pain, shoulder problem, spinal problem or even scoliosis would hinder them from doing or practicing yoga, Others, just like me they wanted to teach as well.
Did I learn from this course? OF COURSE I did… I learned the proper execution of Surya Namaskar. I learned and memorized the primary series of ashtanga yoga and their Sanskrit names, how to get in and out of those poses, Adjustments and alignment, How to breath properly, principles and philosophy of yoga, meditation, chakras, anatomy, how to make a lesson plan and how to teach them and a lot more of stuffs about yoga that I wouldn’t be elaborating further more.
Most importantly I learned to take it one step at a time. I learned that yoga is not about rushing to get into a pose and perfecting it. It’s not a competition of who can do the pose and who cannot. I learned how to be patient and be more positive and never give up just because I cannot lift or I fell. One day I will get to the pose that I cannot do for now all I have to do is keep practicing and keep going and continuously learn to love and embrace every easy and difficult asanas.
Do I still want to be a yoga instructor?… YES but I know I still have a long way to go, I still have a lot more things to learn and to explore about yoga. But I know I will get there as long as I keep in mind all of the things I learned from this course, from the teachers and their assistants and also from my classmates. Yoga is a continuous learning process you just don’t stop with what you know. You keep going and keep aiming high.
Erly (“,)

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