Mirror, Mirror on the Wall……

Mirror, mirror on the wall……..
The perils of admiring one’s mirror image are well documented, many will be familiar with the ancient greek myth of Narcissus and his fate. Upon seeing his own reflection in a pool of water, not realising it was his own, he fell in love with it. Unable to tear himself away from the beauty of it; their he remained, staring, transfixed until he died.
But for me there’d always been a place for the mirror in the yoga studio. How else could I correct my alignment or check my hair or inspect that roll escaping from the top of my legging, inner focus then disappearing up in smoke.
In a world of selfies and constant awareness of our outward appearances, it has been liberating to practice yoga without mirrors. The focus has been moved outwards to inwards. Allowing me to feel my alignment in a pose, learning to listen to my body and to concentrate on the moment.
It’s said that the moment an infant sees their reflection in a mirror they become aware of the subjective gaze, the gaze of an other. Without mirrors it is easier to turn off the competition with yourself or other people. I have learnt that focus comes from within, to not associate it with my image
In my weeks at Tirisula I have like Alice through the Looking Glass been on a journey, it is one which I intend to continue upon.
Kathryn, 200hrs, March 2016

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