My journey of discovery

Coming to yoga teacher training course with a special agenda of mine… to find out how yoga can help me in having healthy, glowing and flawless skin. This journey allows me to explore more in depth about what I can do to make this happen.

It’s undeniable that toxins in our body, free radicals and hormone imbalances would hinder us from getting a good healthy skin. Environmental factors such as stress, diet, UV exposure, climate can cause major skin problems such as rashes, acne, pimples or even hair fall.

Skin being the largest organ of our body will naturally be affected if is not well taken care of.

Proper diet plays an important part to attain good healthy skin. Sattvik diet is a pure vegetarian diet which includes seasonal fresh fruit, ample fresh vegetables, whole grain, pulses, sprouts, dried nuts, seeds, honey, fresh herbs, milk and dairy products which are free from animal rennet. The word sattvic means “pure essence,” and sattvic foods are thought to be pure and balanced, offering feelings of calmness, happiness, and mental clarity. I have learned more towards sattvic diet preference and cut down on rajasic diet. This diet allows me to see the change in my complexion. Having said all, It’s vital to consume the right amount of Vitamin C; particularly from fresh fruits. Enough fibre intake of veg and fruits is also essential. One should also expose more to early morning sun ray before 9 am as it has tremendous healing elements.

When we incorporate them into yoga practice, it actually help in improving the digestive system. This will also enhance the blood flow in our body and thus every part of our body is sufficiently oxygenated hence a better skin. Yoga asana pranayama helps in regulating oxygen flow in our body too. Irritants and pollution in the atmosphere are some external factors for damaging our skin. For example, pollen from flowers causing allergy. By Increasing/building our immunity perhaps may lower the chances we will be affected by them. Of course undoubtedly, skin should also be attended to and should be cared for externally. Part of my findings was to use a towel to exfoliate my skin just like what my granny used to do… more like the ancient way of scrubbing your skin without the use of chemicals to remove dead skin and unclogging the pores. Using milk or coconut oil instead of commercial skin care.

Dermatology and psyche are inter-related. If you are stressed and tensed or overwhelmed with anxiety. This will affect your body. Mind plays an important role in skin health. Psychodermatology has always been used to address skin problems related to the mind. Yoga is however, always focused on the root cause of all disease related to the mind. For example, letting your body repair and work on the hormone that responsible for your skin by having good night sleep and relaxed meditation. It is believe to sit in a quiet moment for 10 mins a couple of times a day and to have music and mantra in your mind will destress and calm your mind immensely. Doing a good amount of shavasana or makarasana is also beneficial to soothe and tranquillise the mind.

This is just some findings of my discovery journey and I am sure there are a lot more for me to discover. I will definitely make this yoga practice a long life learning journey and be part of my life 😉