Crow Pose

This is one of my favorite Asana.

By studying anatomy, I learned which muscles are moving in each pose, that helped me a lot when practicing.  Rather than perfect Asana, I want to focus on breathing and feel the movement of my muscles.


Bakasana (Crow pose)

•Hands-pressing the floor away. 

•Elbows-hugging together, bending   straight back.

•Legs- squeezing together.

•Heels-hugging up toward seat. 

•Core-strongly engaged. 

•Back-rounded “cat pose” shape. 

•Upper Body-leaning forward. 



•Latissimus Doris, rotator •cuff, Quadriceps,triceps

•Serratus Anterior




•Major,  deltoids, iliosoas, adductors.


•Carpal •Bones •Elbow

•Kneecap •Shoulder Blade. •ankle bone•spine •pelvis

•cervical spine •lumbar spine. •thoracic spine.


•Strengthen wrists

•Strengthen palm and fingers. •Stretch back muscles. 

•Posture to strengthen whole body. •Posture to strengthen core  muscle.

•Improve body balance. 

•Increase concentration. 

•Strengthen shoulder muscles. •Posture that strengthens the  abdomen and organs.