How Yoga Chose Me

It’s been about 10 years since I started yoga.  However, the more I went to classes the more I wanted to understand asana.By continuing the asana, I gradually began to realize the effects on the mental side, and I was able to control and stabilise my mind more quickly.  That’s why I wanted to start to take the next step.

In addition to asanas, there was also a class to learn yoga philosophy – I wasn’t very interested at that time. My teacher told me that learning yoga philosophy was very important if you want to really understand the spiritual side of yoga.

I have a stubborn personality and so I didn’t want to learn from others about my heart. I had that kind of resistance to yoga philosophy. But this time, I wanted to break that resistance and the walls I made myself.

Mental changes

It was good to start learning in class, suddenly I started learning things that I should refrain from doing, as well as things that I should really start doing in my daily life. Moreover, it seems to give lessons around non-violence  and “purity”.

  • Is there a person like a god who can fully do this?
  • If you have greed, why not?
  • Is it bad to eat what you like?
  • What’s wrong with basic pleasures?
  • It’s been almost two months now, but I still feel that way, but also I have seen some good changes in myself.

I saw this when frustration and stress happened, I noticed that I was was able to get over it much more quickly. Each aspect of yoga philosophy helps you to understand yourself and your reactions. With this kind of growing and learning, I would like to continue, little by little.

Changes in my life

① I started doing yoga at home

I haven’t started learning yoga philosophy at home yet, but I’ve started to practice yoga at home more often. This can be different from day to day, it can be when your mind is tired, or when you wake up in the morning, or before you go to bed at night. You can’t concentrate on meditation suddenly, but asanas make it easier to focus. I often do it when I want to clear my head.

② I started to meditate

Meditation may not be done every day, but even if you do it, it takes 10 minutes at a time. It’s surprisingly difficult to switch from everyday life to meditation. Even if you sit quietly, there are many things in your heart that are busy. Even if I can’t stop thinking, I notice and return to consciousness of breathing each time, that’s all.  When I meditate for only 10 minutes with asana, I usually felt refreshed. Normally I have a hard time thinking and my head often “heats up”.

Therefore, it is very important to have time to get away from thinking for asana and meditation. In addition to focusing on breathing, my friend told me that there are various ways to meditate, such as sighing and imagining. There is always a way for me to work comfortably, so I will continue.

Yoga, for me, is beyond the realm of simple exercise.  It seems that starting the ‘exercise’ called yoga at a difficult time, whether it was physical or mental, has led me to where I am today.  Every time I do yoga, I sometimes feel like I am growing, other times I can feel that I am lacking something.  I think it is a process of constantly learning and accepting that I have good and bad days.

There are things I can’t control, the result is that I accept that things can happen regardless of my will, and the only thing I can do in life is to fully focus on the present moment.  What you can’t control, sometimes you can’t understand, is to accept God’s will and live your life.  This is the content that goes through my head after another class has passed.

I think of yoga as a constant self-practice that guides our bodies and minds to accept the energies of nature, focus our minds and breathe properly. As I learned Ashtanga Yoga, I came to know that true yoga is a belief that can use invisible energy to elevate the body to its full potential.