Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Yoga and Lifestyle


Dragging along a yoga mat along throughout the day while commuting around using public transport that is packed with people like canned food. Rushing off from work during lunch time or after work to the studio for yoga classes. Spending time on the weekends after a hard week at work, on the mat in the studio or at home. Excitedly talking about yoga with family, friends or colleagues during meals.

The above scenarios describe the surface view of the life of someone who has discovered yoga, enjoys it and looks forward to getting back on the mat. This might even be you.

If this is you, it looks like you have found something you love, something that you are passionate about. You see the physical benefits, you enjoy the sensation of loosening your muscles, de-stressing and getting away from work. You might even enjoy it for the community. You made friends, or you enjoy going to classes with friends and the post-class meals or drinks.

However, ultimately, on the mat whether you are alone at home or in class, what you are really doing is that you are spending well-deserved time on yourself. Through yoga, you’ve found a reason to spend time for yourself, on yourself. Even though in a class you might be surrounded with people, during your yoga practice you are focusing on your body, on your own mind.

Psychologists, neurologists and social scientists have long advocated the needs and benefits of spending time for yourself. Doing so helps you to reflect and think deeply. If you can spend time alone in solitude, it allows you to unwind, and rejuvenate your mind just like how sleeping helps your body recover from fatigue. The list of benefits goes on and you can find tons of reasons and resources as to why it’s so important with a simple internet search.

However, living in the modern era, in a modern city that is bustling with activity and where people seem endlessly occupied with work, where people just seem forever busy; it’s hard to really set time aside and dedicate it just for yourself. It’s easy to know what you should be doing but actually doing it is hard.

Discovering yoga helps an individual get a taste of how liberating it feels to be able to spend time on yourself. Once you get that taste, it will help you find reasons (doesn’t have to be physical asana practice) to spend those well-deserved minutes or hours on yourself throughout the day as part of your lifestyle. You understand yourself better, you have time to let your thoughts wander and let your creativity flourish. You learn you treat yourself, take care of yourself and love yourself.

So if you aren’t already spending time for yourself, now it’s the time to start loving yourself. 😊



Justin Chew