Importance Of OM & Namaste in Yoga is Spiritual Not Religious:

 Trying to focus & clear the thinking that Yoga is not a religion. It proposes no gods or saviors; it moves forward on the grounds of experiential confirmation rather than religious faith. Yoga is based from India but Its completely Physical, Mental & Spiritual journey of person.


The physiological benefit of saying “OM” together is it helps to calm the body, can lower the heart rate and the blood pressure, and prepare the body for Asana with healing energy .

The three elements of OM (A-U-M) symbolize the waves of creation: iccha (desire), jnana (preparation), kriya (inspired action). Waves are the nature of the universe.Om symbolizes the vibration and pulsation of the Universe.

Chanting Om together in a group class reminds us of our unity, as well as our diversity. Many voices come together as one. OM enhances our AJNA chakra point,which is situated in our seat of mind also known as 3rd Eye,which is useful for Spiritual well being.


In Sanskrit, Namaste can be understood as “the light within me bows to (or honours) the light within you.”

It’s a greeting or sign-off that recognizes that each of us has an individual soul, and we are grateful and respectful towards each other’s unique soul.

 In the meantime, when we say Om and Namaste during class, this is the general energy behind them, from a place of honour and respect towards the lineage of yoga, and to each other for showing up to try to feel better.


200Hr YTTC,August 2017

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