Chakra : Ajna – Third eye Chakra

Ajna – Third eye Chakra is located in between the eyes on the forehead. It’s responsible  for intuition and it’s linked to imagination. Ajna chakra is believed be linked to the pineal grant. Pineal is a pea-sized gland shaped like a pine cone. It is located in the vertebrate brain near the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

If this Chakra is in low energy or deactivated you may find that it’s hard to be undisciplined, oversensitive or indecisive. On the other hand if the Chakra is too high in energy, you may fine that are are too manipulative, egotistic and difficult to concentrate. You’ll have to better visions, intuition and higher imagination and able to see things better if this chakra is balanced. 

To activate this third eye Chakra, practicing Forward fold pose. This pose will establishes the connection from our upper body with our roots part body so that it’s connected the imagination and physical reality. 

Spend time under the sun, moon and stars

Practicing yoga poses in the morning to catch the sunrises or in the dawn to catch the sunset will improve clarity and boost pineal gland.

 Apply essential oils 

Jasmin, lemon and sandalwood is recommend to use as a mean to help with the activation of the third eyes.

Supplementing your diets. 

Vitamin D3, Honey, Raw Cacao, Ginseng, Star Anise, Goji Berries, cilantro, coconut oil, hemp seeds, garlic, watermelon and lemon.

This are the supplement that help to purify the pineal gland.

Use Crystal

Usage of crystal and gemstone in purple or violet pallet will open and balance the third eye.

Asides, Meditation and chanting is also a good tools to open the third eyes. Meditation and chanting create vibration that could stimulate the activation of the pineal gland. It’s important to practice consistently to activate the third eye.