Chakras (in a nutshell) and the essential oils to balance them.


NAME: Muladhara Chakra


SENSE: Smell

LOCATION: C2-C3 (Coccyx)



SOURCE OF: Passion, rage, terror, joy, survival energy

KEY WORD: Awareness

IMBALANCES: Addictions and compulsions, sexual dysfunctions, nervous system disease, urinary tract disorder, rectal problems, headaches. Family dysfunction, gender confusion, childhood abuse, money, career or finance issue. Abuse of alcohol, drugs, sex. Overeating, craving for red meat and dairy.

ESSENTIAL OIL FOR BALANCING: Ginger, Cypress, Sandalwood.



NAME: Swadhisthana Chakra


SENSE: Taste

LOCATION: S3-S4 (Sacrum)

COLOR: Orange

ENDOCRINE GLAND: Ovaries or testes

SOURCE OF: Feelings, creativity, women’s power

KEY WORD: Feeling, creativity

IMBALANCES: Every kind of “it is” issue. Appendix disorders, kidney problems, fertility issues, women’s issues such as PMS, candida, ovarian disorders. Issues from stored, stuck or unexpressed emotions, creative blocks. Overeating gluten based carbs. Shopping addiction. Overemotional or underemotional.

ESSENTIAL OIL FOR BALANCING: Clary sage, Rosewood, Patchouli.




NAME: Manipura Chakra


SENSE: Sight

LOCATION: L4 (Solar Plexus)

COLOR: Yellow


SOURCE OF: Personal power, judgement, intellectual understanding, men’s power

KEY WORD: Power, discrimination

IMBALANCES: Digestive, metabolic disorders. Weight issues, confusion, craziness, anger. Abuse of stimulants such as coffee, beer products, corn, sugar. Overworked, perfectionist, pver-critical, hatred, paranoia.

ESSENTIAL OIL FOR BALANCING: Fennel, Juniper, Lemongrass.




NAME: Anahata Chakra


SENSE: Touch

LOCATION: T9 (Thoracic)

COLOR: Green, pink, gold


SOURCE OF: Healing energy, desire, dreams

KEY WORD: Love, healing

IMBALANCES: heart or circulatory diseases, blood pressure imbalances, asthma, allergies, bronchitis, pneumonia, relationship issues. Sleep disorders. Abuse of chocolate, sugar, wine. Inability to let go.

ESSENTIAL OIL FOR BALANCING: Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang.




NAME: Vishuddha Chakra


SENSE: Sound

LOCATION: C4 (Cevical)




KEY WORD: Expression

IMBALANCES: Any throat issue, including jaw, mouth, thyroid, larynx, tonsils. Inability to say yes or no. victimization, under-responsible or over-responsible. Addictions resulting from oral fixation, must be always eating, talking, or have something in mouth. Compuslive eating of salty food when bored, angry or anxious.

ESSENTIAL OIL FOR BALANCING: Bergamot, Tea Tree, Chamomile




NAME: Ajna Chakra


SENSE: Sixth sense

LOCATION: Between Eyebrows (Third Eye)

COLOR: Purple


SOURCE OF: Insight

KEY WORD: Vision

IMBALANCES: Endocrine issues, hormonal imbalances, planning issues, eyesight issues. Addiction such as undereating or overeating of any food. Binge, purge, anorexia, bulimia and other body image distortion.

ESSENTIAL OIL FOR BALANCING: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Lavender




NAME: Sahasrara Chakra


SENSE: All senses

LOCATION: Top pf Crown

COLOR: White


SOURCE OF: Divine awareness

KEY WORD: Divinity

IMBALANCES: Immune system disorder, cancer, bone disorder, nervous system disorder. Learning disorders, mental issues. Headache, imbalance of any type. Lack of self-understanding or direction. Addiction to religion, spiritual group and its dogmas. Compulsive use of prayer and meditation.

ESSENTIAL OIL FOR BALANCING: Frankincense, Myrrh and Lavender


Chiara G. (May 2018)



Chakra – My Aura Reading

When Master Paalu taught us in the class, I was very curious and excited as I never heard of it before. We got to experience it in the class by guidance of Master Paalu. We partner each other of 2, and sitting face to face with a very near distance in a dark room and concentrate by  looking at each others’ eyes. Slowly you will see some color formed along his/her body.

An aura or a human energy field is a magnetic field that surrounds each living being and is sometimes described as a colored emanation or body around a human body or any animal object. The aura is comprised of seven layers or bodies–the physical, astral, lower, higher, spiritual, intuitional and absolute planes. They typically reveal traits and qualities of your energy or personality and affect and the colors may be read and referenced against your most open chakras. Your aura can provide insight into aspects of your spiritual, emotional and physical life.

My aura color is violet, it represents dynamic, charming and confident. creativity and enlightenment.

Violet represents the Crown Chakra, the area above the brow that stimulates the thought process and channels spirituality.

 These people are not exactly outgoing by nature, but they do love to interact with others and travel to far-off places in order to broaden their horizons and learn something new. 

Their natural leadership and intelligence can be mistaken for arrogance, or worse, even as narcissism.

They are in sync with their emotions as well as those of others, making them empathize with the feelings of others around them.

Purple personalities are curious and inquisitive, and love to gain in-depth knowledge regarding the fields that interest them. Those interacting with these personalities describe them as interesting and knowledgeable.

Their keen sense of intuition helps them delve into the future and enhance their decision-making ability.

 On the negative side, violets auras can lead people to become too materialistic, especially if they have not had their spiritual awakening.


Is it accurate?
I would say majority yes, the readings are quite accurately at some points. 


Human Aura

I am probably one of the people who takes aura seriously, or sometimes I believe in a strong sense of presentation of the person I encountered with and by saying this it doesn’t mean I am talking about the appearance or the looks of the people I talk to, sometimes I just really feels the energy of the person. Maybe before I always think that there’s no such thing like Aura, I was thinking maybe I am just being a judgemental. Not letting people to be themselves first and I automatically judge them by their behaviour or what I sense and feels like towards them.


But in some cases it is proven the aura of people I encountered is they really shows or it really speaks the truth about what I envision to them, But also sometimes I was wrong to about the aura that I have seen to the people, it turned out that they can manage to different aura or they can change it.


I also improved sometimes handling the aura of the people I encountered with, I learned how to ignore it and not affected to it. And sometimes I always say to myself that I need a good aura, like the sayings “Your shallowness or greatness of the soul shows up in your aura” this is what I like about the aura, it can move you by the positiveness of behaviour. All of us have an aura, a body of energy linked to different planes of awareness, Some have the ability to access more planes of awareness then other because of past lives, because of practice in this life.


Charisze Kaye Boesgaard,

200hrs YTTC, March 2018

My yogic way of being free from anger

Do you have days when you feel there’s so much frustration and anger bubbling inside you that you lash out at anything that moves—our spouse, our kids, our BFFs, the dog—for behavior that normally wouldn’t bug us.

We are all human beings and with the constant stressful life around us, we will all have moments of letting our anger got over the top and said or do things that we regret.

First before we start on the yogic ways to control anger, let’s see how our body stores our emotions.  You may or may not feel the emotions as they may accumulate in our body feeding our energy until we are exhausted and drained. Therefore scanning your body and identify the suppressed emotions associated with it is important for us to maintain our mental wellness.

Our Body

We open our hearts in backbends, and surrender through forward folds while loosening the hamstrings, which are connected to our ability to let go (or not). The hips hold on to sadness, and the liver to anger. Stress and tension takes to shoulder and stiff neck.  Are there days when you felt these places in our body are so heavy, tight or stiff that you felt so drain and exhausted? We hold on to feelings, replaying circumstances in our minds, holding onto grudges, anger, and resentment. Even if we believe we’ve forgiven on an intellectual level, what does the body say? Have we really let go?

There are a few ways which you can identify store/building up of emotions before it builds up:

1) Meditation – Pratayaha

Pratayaha, the 5th limbs of yoga which teaches us to withdraw our senses. This withdrawal of senses is for turning our awareness inwards and start to mentally scan our body; examine the sensations that show up in our body when you are upset, when you are angry, when you are stressed. By identify our stored emotions; one can combine the practice of rest of the yoga limbs (Yamas, Niyamas, Asana, Panayama and Dharana) to help us release, control or balance our mental wellness.

2) Asanas

Did you know there are specific yoga poses to release emotions like anger, sadness, and even worry? We practice pratayaha to explore and scan where specific emotion accumulates and uses Asanas practice to clear or relieve them out. Targeting specific areas can help clear stubborn blocks, identify your chakra system and support your ongoing quest for emotional freedom. 

Backbends: Griefs (Heart chakra related to love)

When we grieve, our hearts hurt. We lost something we loved. Practicing backbends postures help us open our hearts, release our emotions. When our hearts are open, we’re able to ride the flow of life.

Twists: Anger (Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura chakra)

Anger’s connection to the liver is also found in both Chinese medicine and yoga. The liver cleans the blood and stores energy. In yoga, the liver is related to the third chakra, in the belly. This is the seat of will and power. 


Hip-Openers: Sadness, Stress (Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana)

The hips hold a variety of emotions, from stress to sadness to trauma.  It is related to the Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana, which is the energy center related to emotions. 

So next time when you feel trapped, sad or tired, remember to scan and meditate first. Try this, I walked away feeling lighter, relieved and free, the emotional release we feel keeps many of us coming back for more. 


Louine Liew

Weekend warrior (YTT200 – Sep17)

Sound Healing Experience in Bali

I embarked a yoga & relaxation retreats in Ubud Bali this Oct. During my stay, I joined 1-hour sound healing session at Pyraminds of Chi, which is an amazing journey so I would like to share my experience with you.

There are 2 impressive Pyramids located in the centre of a beautiful rice field surroundings, with 14 metres (46’) x 14 Metres each. As from my photo below (Picture 1), the golden one on the right side is called Pyramid of the Sun, and the blue one is name as Moon. The names indicate a balance in the nature, which also remind me the similar idea as YinYang in Chinese cultures. (As the picture 2)


As I entered Pyraminds, there are some ancient instruments came into my attention, such as the gongs, drums and Didgeridoo, located at the centre of the room, and with comfortable mattresses placed in a circle around the inside perimeter. As the journey began, I lied down on one of the cushion, and the internal environment made me feel very relaxed as nice temperature, natural light and aromatic scent. The master healer started with a soft voice to guide us to release the tension on the muscle and joints from head to toe. As she stated to play different instruments, I can feel various Vibration of frequency, not only around me but also penetrated my body. Firstly I felt calm, peaceful, and the most beautiful part, gradually I visualized a beautiful life pictures in my mind, where I were talking and laughing with my family, and my dogs running around me, such a sweet life! I totally indulged in my nice picture and the body was all relaxed. Such an amazing journey.

According to modern scientific research, by employing Vibration of frequency, our brainwaves are entertained to shift our normal beta state to alpha and reach theta (meditative status) and even delta, which produces deep relaxation and stimulates inner peace. It can further help to lower heart rate, reduce pressure, improve sleep pattern etc.

In yoga system, the sound healing practice synchronises with Chakra System. As illustrated at classes, our “energy body” consists of seven chakras with different vibration of frequency. When playing an instrument that matches certain chakra’s vibration of frequency, they produce an effect of resonance. Thus our inner power get unblocked and enlightened gradually.   

The modern society provides us with affluent food, information and wealth. But at the same time, the overflow of the materialism causes lots of mental blockages and physical illness. I

 – Kate Zhou Jiarong  200hr Instructor tradning course 2017 (Sep Weekends Classes)





Ziyu's 200-Hr YTT Journey with Tirisula Yoga

Hello everyone, my name is Ziyu and I’d like to share my thoughts on my YTT journey so far.

Let’s start from the very beginning, when I first decided to sign up for this course.

Back in the middle of this year, I was experiencing a rather low period with my life. I was in a relationship that I knew wasn’t going to last.

Instead of spending my days crying over something that is meant to stay in the past and not knowing when I’ll stop mourning, I decided to pick a project to work on. I chanced upon the 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training Program with Tirisula Yoga one day and thought that it would be a great project for me. Not only it will fill up my weekends and tire me out, leaving me with less time and energy to drown in my heartache, it will also allow me to deepen my yoga practice and perhaps help others enjoy the benefits of yoga in the future.

After weeks of anticipation, I stepped into Tirisula Yoga Studio for the first time on 9th September 2017 with a lot of excitement, not knowing the awaiting ‘torture’. As a beginner in yoga, it was very tough for me and within the first 2 hours, the thought of giving up crossed my mind. I actually asked Master Paalu if I can postpone it to next year and he encouraged me to keep going.

Fast forward 8 weeks later, I am still doing it and I feel that I’ve become a stronger person, both physically and emotionally. It’s unbelievable that there are only 2 more weeks to go and I am feeling bittersweet about the fact that this journey is coming to an end.

Here are some of the things that I’ll miss after this amazing course:


1) Learning new and interesting things every week (e.g. Dosha, Chakra)

I’ve learnt that I’m leaning towards Pitta and this has somewhat influenced me in my daily life (e.g. food decisions, work out style).

Thanks to Marie, I discovered Kang Li Asia ( and went there for aura reading.

Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat 😉

So this is a picture with my aura taken on 30th October 2017:

Apparently, the right side represents your current state and mine seems rather dark. I attribute this to me still in the process of getting over the break up and still struggling with headstand (I can’t do it without the wall YET). The left side represents the future and mine seems rather bright in yellow. Gonna think positive 🙂


2) Achieving Mini Milestones

It is a great feeling to be able to do something that seemed impossible. With the guidance of Master Paalu and Master Wei Ling, this course provides an environment for us to push our boundaries and achieve greater heights – see pictures below 🙂


Special thanks to Denise & Krisianto for helping me get into Crow Pose during their Arm-Balancing class!!! 


3) Group Projects!

Here’s a picture of my lovely group – Group 3!


From left to right: Standing – Ziyu (me) & Beatrice / Center –  Elsa / Front – Su Yen & Mabel

Here’s a picture with Sharon – my partner in crime for many things including a Restorative Sound Healing class 🙂

4) Lunch break!

We are blessed with many good ‘makan’ places within walking distance from the studio. Food hunting during lunch break with my lunch ‘kakis’ (usually Tammy, Bee Li, and Kate) is what keeps me going when I’m struggling with holding my asanas.


5) Master Paalu’s Meditative Class on 15th October

It was the first (and only) time that we tried the reverse sequence (Inversion – Supine – Prone – Sitting – Standing) and I loved it!


6) Master Wei Ling’s Boot Camp Style

I will never forget the way Master Wei Ling yelled “push-ups!” after every chaturanga for Surya Namaskara A and B. Thanks to this, my arms are getting stronger and I can now do poses that I wasn’t able to do before.


7) Time with Sharon

For the past few weeks, I’ve been spending a lot of time with Sharon for YTT related matters, e.g. preparation for our restorative lesson, studying, working on asana alignments, shopping for matching outfits, etc. Even as I write this blog post, she is just studying across the table (in her office).

Here’s a picture of her studying in Bedok Mall (29th October 2017):


8) Sunday journey to class

This is quite random. 6 out of the 7 Sunday classes that I attended so far (I missed the 3rd week as I went on a family holiday in Vietnam), I went to class with the same Grab Hitch driver (Jack Low).  It is a nice feeling to be greeted by a familiar face so early in the morning.


9) Everyone in the September 2017 intake of the 200-Hr Teacher Training Course with Tirisula Yoga!!!

Thanks everyone for being a part of this journey and all the best in everything in the future! 

Special shout out to Master Paalu and Master Wei Ling for being generous in sharing their knowledge and being so patient with me 🙂


Lots of love,


September 2017 Weekend Class

Why pay attention to Chakras?

In yoga, there is a heavy emphasis of the energy body, the flow of energy throughout your body. There are seven key points of energy known as Chakras. In any of a case when a chakra is blocked, it elicits emotional, mental and even physical imbalances that is reflected as symptoms like lethargy, poor digestion and anxiety. To balance out the chakra, a dedicated asana practice and/or music at the right frequency can help shift your internal energy to where you want it to go.  

How do we know which chakra is imbalanced? We must first tune in to how we are feeling and then, figure out which chakra to stimulate and counteract the imbalance. When feeling anxious, work on the Muladhara chakra with poses like Balasana, Vrksasana, Uttanasana. If you’re feeling low on energy you can target the Manipura chakra with poses like Navasana or if you seek more courage to speak the truth you can stimulate your Vishudha chakra with Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, Sarvangsana, Urdhva Dhanurasana.

After working on the poses whilst listening to music with the corresponding frequency, I feel the calmness and focus. Hope I will be able to feel or “see” more effects with the continued practice!






Muladhara (Root Chakra)




Anxiety Nightmares ,Controlling

Aggression, Disorganised


Svadhisthana (Sacral Chakra)





Emotional Attachment

Mental/Physical muscle tension

Fear of pleasure


Manipura (Solar Plexus)





Low self-esteem, Body image issues

Self-doubt, Victimization

Digestive issues


Anahata (Heart)




No control over emotions

Manipulative ,Judgmental


Vishudha (Throat)




Verbally abusive

Overly opinionated

Unable to express yourself

Ajna (Third Eye)

Deep Blue



Stress, Headache,Delusional

Lack empathy, bad memory

Sahasrara (Crown)




Thinking you’re better than others

Lack purpose in life

Poor coordination, Clumsiness

Lynn Lim

200hr ytt/weekend class

Don't forget to breathe and smile – Aura Photography

I have a passion for photography and immediately got intrigued when Master Paalu mentioned about aura photography in one of the afternoon sessions. I became curious about how this all works and if it could help me uncover any mental, emotional, and physical problems. I went to Fu Lu Shou mall to try it.

This is how it works: First, you place your hands on silver sensors for a few seconds. The camera snaps two shots and creates a double exposure Polaroid picture: the first one is a regular portrait and the second is the aura, otherwise known as the electromagnetic field surrounding the body, captured by the hands sensors and matched to a color.

Your aura represents the energies that exist within your body and these energies consist of mental, physical, and spiritual influences. Auras are a representation of who you are and it shows in the colors. The human field changes from time to time, as a function of emotions, health, energy level, and one’s view on life. However, the overall aura remains substantially the same over time.

Every individual’s aura will have a dominant color with different hues and underlying secondary colors. Your dominant aura color usually corresponds to your most dominant chakra. Each chakra is linked to a different color of the rainbow and a different part of your body, from the red root (lower body) to the violet crown (brain). Different colors represent different kinds of personalities:

– Red, Root: Strength, Will Power, New Beginnings, Leadership, Action, Practicality, Passion. Main issue: Grounding, security, survival.

– Orange, Sacral: Creative, Confident, Independent, Collaborative, Excellent People Skills, Loves Challenge. Main issue: Relationships, emotions, sexuality, intimacy.

– Yellow, Solar: Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Open-Minded, Loves Variety and Freedom, Generous, Playful. Main issue: Energy, vitality.

– Green, Heart: Growth, Goal-Oriented, Determined, Focused, Ambitious, Competitive, Perfectionist. Main issue: Balance, love, connection.

– Blue, Throat: Depth of Feeling, Trust, Devotion, Loyalty, Nurturing, Personal Relationships, Supportive, Intuitive, Sensitive. Main issue: communication, healing.

– Indigo, Third Eye: Psychic awareness and intuition, Big picture, Imagination, focuses on the good, Clairvoyance. Main issue: intuition, understanding.

– Purple, Crown: Spiritual, Visionary, Unconventional, Non-Judgmental, Playful, Loves to be Inspired and Delight Others. Main issue: enlightement, transcendence.

In ideal health, for a well-balanced individual, all aura colors are vivid, bright, and clear. The more dominant a chakra, the more likely you are to exhibit the skills and tendencies related to that chakra. If your aura colors are muddy and faded, you suffer from an ailment and your body’s energy output is compromised.

Position of the colours:

– Top of the picture: Everything above the ears represents your consciousness/state of mind.

– Left of the picture: The energy that’s coming in, or the lens you see the world through, your inner qualities.

– Right of the picture: The energy that you’re pushing out, or how the world perceives or sees you.

– An Arch: A goal, an aspiration, or something held in high esteem.

My aura reading:

– Dark, not continuous: This indicates a lot of blockages and that I am afraid to let go or that I am afraid to share myself with others.

– Various colours, indicate I do not have a fixed profile yet, my personnality is not stable and keeps moving. The lack of colour at the top reflects the lack of direction.

– The blue color shows the dominance of the Vishuddha or Throat chakra: it is an emotional color, and it indicates that I feel things very deeply. It shows persistence and individuals who do not let other people down, but also a fear of the future, fear of self-expression, fear of facing or speaking the truth. It indicates that new opportunities are coming. People with a blue aura might also get moody, nervous, and impatient.

– Violet, on the other hand, indicated a highly spiritual and wise person, who is part of a positive change in the world.

– Green represents ambition and career-oriented people. Green wants to work long, hard hours, as long as necessary to achieve its goals.

Overall, even if I was skeptical at the start, I found the experience quite interesting and learnt about the different chakras and associated characteristics. I will also start thinking of ways to use my voice and sense of intuition in more productive, positive ways. I might go to take another shot in a couple of days  and see how the colors evolve and if they are still consistent. If you go and get your picture taken, let me know, I am keen to see more pictures.

Marie, YTT200 (Sep’17-Weekend)

Going OM – The reasons behind it

If you’re like me, you’re probably at one point wondering why we are chanting OM at the beginning and at the end of a yoga practice. Maybe you’re awkwardly chanting OM because everyone else is chanting, it will be weird if you don’t chant together with them.


So what’s so special about these two letters?


To start, we probably should know that it’s suppose to be three letters, AUM not OM.

  • A (pronounced ä as in ‘car’); the sound is originated from the back of your throat and as soon as you say it, you will feel your back of your throat, solar plexus and chest are vibrating. Make this sound for 3 seconds and continue without stopping the U sound.
  • U (pronounced ‘oo’); the sound is originated from the middle of your throat (vocal area) and once you make this sound, you will feel your throat vibrating. Make this sound for 3 seconds as well and continue immediately without stopping the M sound.
  • M (sounds like a humming bee); this is not pronounced the same way most languages pronounced the alphabet M. It has a sound like a humming bee and should be prolonged. It originates from the tip of your throat. Once you make this sound, you will feel the vibration starting from the throat emanating upward initially and then to the rest of your body. This should take around 6 secs and continued with deep silence and inhalation ready for next round of A.



This is how AUM is written which actually represents the meaning of it. The large, bottom curve of the symbol represents the waking state of consciousness (A), while the top curve symbolizes the deep sleep state and the curve to the right symbolizes the dream state. The dot above the crescent semi-circle represents the transcendental state. The crescent separating the dot from the three curves symbolizes the veil of Maya, or illusion, that keeps us from realizing our true nature.


Symbolically, the three letters embody the divine energy ‘Shakti’ and it’s 3 main characteristics, that is Creation, Preservation, and Liberation.



For those of you who have been chanting AUM in yoga class, did you ever realize that when you first chant AUM, the sound produced by you and your classmates were a bit all over the place? Then the more you do it, the more consistent the sound that’s produced collectively. That’s because unconsciously you will try to match your voice with your classmates. Each of you is trying to make one voice, AUM. Psychologically, at this point, you will start feeling as one and not so different from your classmates. You will stop comparing their yoga pants with yours, or how some of your classmates had more toned bodies. You’ll become more focus on your practice.


It is also said that the sound of AUM is the sound of universe. While I still need to be able to digest that sentence, there are abundant of articles (scholarly and not) that do mention the same thing. That the frequency of AUM sound is the same with the frequency of the universe. How do they measure the frequency of universe, I have no idea. Which means when you say AUM, you’re pretty much syncing your frequency to the whole universe’s frequency. In one article, it says, “When we chant AUM at the beginning and end of yoga class, we are symbolically and energetically tuning in to the transcendental vibration of the universe and everything in existence.”


I quite like how this article scientifically explains what happens when we chant AUM:

“You might have heard of quantum physics, it’s a science which explains what really happens at the ‘micro’ level of everything. For example, if we took a layer of our skin and placed it under a microscope, we could see the cells of our skin. You might know that our cells are made up of atoms and molecules. As we examine those atoms even further, at the end they are all just energy! – with a unique vibrational frequency. Similarly, everything else around us is energy at the micro level. Even the furniture in our home, roads, sidewalks, rivers, trees etc. all are pulsating and vibrating at different speeds, but we can’t see those vibrations with our naked eyes. As we all are vibrations on a micro level, so when we chant Om, again and again, we create its pure vibrations in our body. We become in tune with the vibrations of the Om and we become one with the Om. Om chanting connects us to all that is living, from beings to nature, to the Universe.”



There are surprisingly a lot of scientific research done to understand the benefit of chanting mantra (especially AUM) to our body. From how echolocation can be used to understand how AUM works and the effect of it to our mind to meditating and chanting AUM are proven to take away mental pressure, provides steadiness and peace to our mind, a brain stabilizer, usage in treatment of depression and epilepsy, lowering blood pressure to even able to alter our DNA. These are some serious claims backed by evidences that would probably help those who are skeptic about chanting AUM to be more confident in trying it out.



Now, you might need some hard core beliefs in acknowledging we have 7 colorful wheels of energy in our body. But even the skeptic me is very drawn into this topic. The idea is by doing the 8 limbs of yoga we should be able to unlock the energy that’s resting at the base of our spine (the root chakra) up through all the other 6 chakras until it reaches our crown chakra and that’s when we achieved enlightenment or samadhi (super-conscious state).


Doing asana, being one of the 8 limbs of yoga, helps us to move this energy up. The same with chanting AUM. Remember how the flow of AUM sounds? It moves from the back of our throat vibrating from our solar plexus and chest to the middle of the throat and then our head before emanating to the rest of our body. This movement from bottom up is also helping the energy in our body to move up as well.



If you’re like me, you probably often ask “why?” in your head. I asked “why” when I had to chant AUM for the first time. After understanding why, whenever I chant AUM, I do it with every good intention I have in me. To become one, to become good, to become enlightened. Or I should say, as enlightened as I can be. 🙂


AUM Shanti Shanti Shanti.


Krisianto Gondohutomo – YTT200 – Sep 2017


The Yin and Yang of Yoga

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), there is a network of energy channels called the meridian, in, which the life-energy known as “qi” flows.
This is similar to the yogic form of energy channels, known as “nadi”.
In both systems, it is the same belief that if these energy channels are blocked, organs cannot function properly and imbalance arises. These cause physical illness and even an imbalanced mind.
TCM believes that there has to be a balance between then yin and yang elements (dark-bright or negative-positive) for balance and harmony in the body.
This concept birthed the idea of what we know today as “yin yoga”, where most postures are done with the muscles relaxed, held for longer periods, usually up to five minutes.
As most yoga practices are mainly yang-based today; that is that they are more fast-paced with higher heart rates, yin yoga is actually a good way to balance out this energy. Think of it as yang practices such as Hatha building heat in the body, whereas yin practices promote cooling.
In yin yoga, as stretches are passive and held for long periods, they allow for a gentler stretch, particularly in connective tissues (e.g. ligaments) and bones.
Many a time, we tend to work on muscles and alignment, without putting much focus on the more neglected areas like the joints, tendons and ligaments. Gentle stretches in yin can help to promote stronger tissues.
A good example of a common yin activity is meditation, where the practitioner is seated in a position over a long period. Some people may find that this causes some knee pain or soreness in the hips after a while. With stronger tissues, you may find that this problem may be alleviated.
Similar to how certain postures can help in stimulating organs and activating chakras, yin yoga can activate the “qi” flow in the body.
With today’s hectic lifestyles and common fast-paced yoga practices, perhaps it would be good to slow things down once in a while to “cool” our bodies, to restore balance and have a better body and mind.
Vanessa Kwa
YTT September 2017