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Practical Application of the 3 Gunas in Food and Dating

“Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War The three Gunas describes 3 basic qualities or tendencies that groups states (harmony, activity, chaos), attitudes (positivity, self-centeredness, apathy) and dispositions (peacefulness, dynamism, ignorance) that is generally encountered together in daily life. This system provides

Sweet treat on a Sattvic Diet – Easy Vegan Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Going on a yogic/Sattvic diet can be difficult for some people especially if you have a sweet tooth like me! Sattvic diet does not only mean plant-based foods but also food that are rich in Prana (energy). Pranic foods are foods that are whole and unprocessed such as fresh fruits

Smoothies for Yoga

It could be before an inversion class, or a morning Ashtanga class, or even before learning Uddiyana Bandha. There will be a time when we may not want to have a full proper meal because it will weigh us down but we still need that sustenance which will last us

A Protein Rich Breakfast Recipe for YTT

If you’re in the midst of Yoga Teacher Training or have already completed it, you’ll probably know that eating a protein rich breakfast will provide the stamina for hours of san salutations, vinyasas and inversions. Throughout YTT with Tirisula Yoga, I have experimented with a range of breakfasts. Master Sree

Simple Breakfast Idea

Smoothie Bowl Changing our diet to a 100% sattvic one may seem tough and almost impossible, especially when we are living in a country with many tempting food choices. However, that shouldn’t stop us from trying a have healthier diet overall. Here is my go-to quick and simple breakfast idea:- INGREDIENTS

Healthy bananas

There are so many types of fruit in the world and since we moved to Singapore we have discovered some fruits we had never seen or eaten before. My son is a little fussy with fruits , funny enough banana is one of his favorite fruits. He eats banana everyday

Food for thought

The nutrition is directly linked to the performance of asanas and our lifestyle in general. The yogi diet is based on Ayurvedic teachings. Some products are strictly forbidden by them, others are consumed in small quantities and in a certain period of time, and third yogis eat constantly. Three types

Pitta Pacifying Smoothie

Pitta Pacifying Smoothie After discovering that I belong to the Pitta Dosha, I realized that my dosha is out of balance. I decided to incorporate some changes to my diet to clean up the excess Pitta in my body before the symptoms manifest. This Pitta pacifying smoothie is perfect to

Smoothies make mi-so happy

Smoothies make mi-so happy.  I love smoothies — healthy or unhealthy, I love them all. I always have frozen berries, avocadoes, bananas, mangoes, ice cream, etc. in my freezer waiting to be blended into a delicious smoothie. Sometimes I make healthy choices by making a protein or fruit smoothie or

Pitta: cooling the fire

One of the many benefits of YTT has been moving the focus of our time away from a purely Asana based practice and to explore new areas. I find myself finding and spending more time with myself in quiet thought. Less Television and more Lotus! One of these new areas