My Journey of Yoga

My journey of YOGA.

I was first acquainted to Yoga when I was working as a part time receptionist during my university days. It was a Yoga studio which comes with a new age book store and an organic vegetarian cafe. “WHATEVER” was its name of the store or studio. Situated in the quaint yet charming location in Keong Siak Street, Chinatown, I enjoyed spending time over there as opposed to attending lectures in NUS. 

It was at “WHATEVER” that I had the most memorable part of my Yoga experiences. Besides getting the opportunities to read those New Age spirituality books (Yoga, Reiki, Religions, Self Help, etc)  and surrounded by healing crystals and Angel Tarot cards, I met several clairvoyants and healers as well. For a young 23 year old schooling girl, that is quite an exposure! The best of the part perks of being part of the crew, I get to attend free yoga classes outside working hours!

Elena Flores was my first yoga teacher – my mentor. She was living as a travelling yoga gypsy for a few years. After having her stint in Mysore, she was invited by my boss to teach in the studio. My first few yoga classes with her was quite a breeze as my flexibility aided in most of the asanas. She coached me privately sometimes to build on my strength especially in arm balances. We became friends. Deep down, I thought of her as my inspiration, for a young 26 year old to travel to India and other parts of southeast asia and living hand to mouth, simply for her love of Yoga. For a Singaporean like me, that seemed totally bizarre!

Yoga became part of my life until I started work. Work overwhelmed and took over me sadly. Regular yoga practises became a luxury for me. From once a week, became once fortnightly. Occasionally, I joined Elena at The Yoga Shala and assisted her in some classes. 

Just 4 years ago, I quit my job as a senior manager at Resorts World Sentosa to be a stay home mother. I practised more regularly at home and I felt that I have reacquainted with my old friend (Yoga) again.

This YTT should have come in my life 11 years ago. As Master Paalu (one of my mentors at YTT) said, “Things that you are doing at present were planned in the past”. I do not regret having to do this course after so long. I count my blessings to be able to go through it with much effort and support from my family to care for my children for the whole duration of the course. I know that this is only the beginning of my journey of Yoga. And I am grateful and contented – Santosha.