I would like to dedicate my last blog post to my class who made the whole journey an enriching and enjoyable one. We all came here for that one personal purpose, but little did we discover that it was the sum of connecting counterparts that lead to the experience of this sole purpose all the more meaningful. Now that is a bonus.


1. Kleo – the slender lady who packs a punch, that soothing strength during community class!
2. Adrian – the only guy who is in our class but yet not intimidated by us.
3. Charlene – who never fails to make us laugh with her teaching stories.
4. Alina – who teaches as though she is singing, that sweet chirp!
5. Yana – forever smiling, making me smile by just looking at her with those beautiful blue eyes I’ll never forget.
6. Betty – with the potential to set up an all men’s yoga studio, just do it already!
7. Rebecca – who was always worrying yet that was her drive to perform, you go girl!
8. Joanna – my coffee shop buddy, one warm milo kosong for her please.
9. Jayde – who prefers verbal alignments and loves her vino. 
10. Lynne – the one who talks to herself, perhaps that is how she got so flexible in her life.
11. Lynette – when she first came to class, i thought she was the teaching assistant!
12. Deepti – lucky you if you were beside her for the asana assessment!
13. Zahara – the baby in our class with the body.
14. Peisi – a teacher in all aspects even tcm!
15. Yuan Ting – the one with the endearing questions she asks during class.
16. Lace – she loves her beer yet posed no trouble with the poses!

Last but definitely not the least, the teachers, Master Paalu and Satya who shared with us their wisdom and infecting us with all that laughter which made us forget our pain and aches.

I know I probably did the worse in class, but I am certain that I came out of this program not quite like myself from before, in a good way. I can feel it from my cranium down to my appendages!

The disciplined morning kriyas gave me the boost to take the 1 hour bus ride to class. The beautiful pink skies were my motivation for the bus ride. It was all this little things along the way which led me to accomplish whatever little achievements I call my own. The rest, will come in time. (with practice, heh)

This must be santoshacontentment, being not happy or sad. Enjoying every moment of being in consciousness.

*prances off happily to the nearest wantan mee stall


Jia Qi
the one who washed her yoga mat towel only after the course
200hr YTT
September Weekday 2016


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