Mayurasana Dream

When I started my yoga journey about a year ago, I never dreamt of being able to get up to a kakasana (my wrists!), nor a sirsasana (my head! And neck!). One year on, today, not only can I get into kakasana and sirsasana, on good days I can manage variations as well.

The human body is indeed amazing. Which got me dreaming (how dare I?!) of one day being able to fly a Mayurasana.

So I was scrolling image after image on how wonderful and inspiring the pose looks, wondering at the same time how it is possible for one to balance the entire body, rimrod straight, on one’s wrists twisted the other way? It is awe-inspiring and terifying at the same time.

To get into the pose, I would need to:

– protract my scapulars to round my back
– adduct my shoulder to bring my elbows together in front of my belly
– flex my elbows
– supinate my forearms
– dorsiflex my wrists
(These are just the arms!)

To lift my legs off, I would need to:
– extend my hips to straighten my legs
– adduct my thighs to engage inner thighs
– extend my knees (in the full expression)
– plantar flex ankles

In layman’s terms, I would need to round my back, lean forward on my elbows to counter the weight of my legs, and using the strength in my back and glutes, pull my legs off the mat as I try to find balance on my palms that are facing the other (wrong!) way.

One word. DREAM.

(If I ever manage to fly in Mayurasana, I will post a picture here.)

Charlene (The Inspired One)