Yoganidrasana is different from Yoganidra (Savasana). The word ‘Nidra’ means ‘sleep’ in Sanskrit and Telugu as well.


This pose is a advanced level done by the practitioners to induce sleep and relax our body. The posture looks like our whole body is put into a knot. There are so many benefits if this pose is done properly. It stabilises our nervous system and improves blood circulation in our whole body. As our abdomen muscles are pressed during this practice, all the stomach organs like adrenal glands, pancreas and kidney functions are regulated and improved.



By practicing this pose, there is lengthening of these muscles:



Gluteus Maximus

Quadratus Lumborum

Erector Spinae

Arm muscles


There is a good stretch in lumber extensors which results in relaxation of our back muscles at the end of all the yoga asana practice. This pose benefits physically head to toe relaxing our bigger muscles in the body and at the same time activating our internal organs because of compression.



We all want to sleep deep with no mental stress. All that a Yogi needs is a 4 or 5 hours sleep by regular yoga asana practice and intake of Sattvic diet. Let us take baby steps in the process of becoming a Yogi.