Practice Ahimsa in my daily life

What is Ahimsa?

Ahimsa is a word in the foundations of yoga – a Yoga Sutra that has been handed down from ancient times. It is one of the five Yamas (5 ethical and social guidelines) that are named in “The Eight Limbs Of Yoga” and means “Non-violence”.
“Violence” is not only related to the physical but also to mind and spirit.
It includes not only violence against others but also violence against oneself. Do you always work too much? Are you always negative about yourself? You shouldn’t hurt yourself.

Practice Ahimsa for 3 days

What did I do?

  • Tried being a vegetarian for 3 days
    • Ate a healthy and plant-based vegetarian diet
  • Chose eco-friendly/natural products, organic food, cage-free eggs, and so on
  • Brought my own bottles or reusable bags
    • Asked them to put my soy latte into my own bottle
    • Went grocery shopping with my own cloth bag
  •  Had a positive attitude with others no matter what (Did not send any negative emotions) 
  • Took care of myself
    • Slept when I was tired
    • Didn’t push myself too much
  • Meditated
  • Practiced yoga

Noticed these are “Muhisa (violence)”

– Being 100% (Do not have to be perfect)

– Criticising and complaining

– Actually, muhisa is everywhere in Singapore:

 - Smoking while walking on the street

 - Spitting on the street

 - Very rough driving of bus and taxi


Thoughts after 3 days of Ahimsa practice

– I felt like choosing eco-friendly or organic products made me feel more grateful.
– Even though I know it’s not a good thing, not using a microwave or watching Netflix/YouTube while I’m eating alone is pretty difficult.
– I felt nice and kind to others when I used my own cup at Starbucks as nobody had to clear a table afterward (Throw away a disposal cup or wash the used cup).


Make a better choice

– Buying eco-friendly and organic products are expensive, so I can’t always buy.
Making a good decision is important.
– I’m not used to being a vegetarian so preparing a vegetarian meal at home especially while trying to obtain protein is a bit difficult.
– But after all, I love meat and fish so I can start from Meat-free Monday.