Yoga Therapy for Gout and Hernia

Student / Patient: Male, 50 yrs old
Problem: Diagnosed with gout 5 years ago, diagnosed with hernia 2years ago.
First attack in the big toe joint. The Uric Acid levels from the blood test were not that high. Now the knee joint attack gout also…
It is absolutely essential to control uric acid levels as soon as possible, with the help of a right diet, medication, as well as certain exercises in yoga for reducing uric acid. Uric acid levels are always elevated with the higher consumption foods that are high in purines. Therefore, if you practice yoga for reducing purines, it will naturally result in a reduction of uric acid in the body.
Gout is a form of arthritis caused by the buildup of crystals of uric acid in a joint. Since the student has hernia as well, so he only can do gentle twist.
But there are many postures that focus on the joints, get stretched, worked and flushed… The gentle movements of yoga will help you prevent these painful attacks.
this has to help as the premise of gout is the formation of ‘crystals’ in the joint.
Yoga Therapy For Hernia
1. Sit in any meditative posture. Relax the body. Close the eyes and breathe normally. Contract the muscles around anus and then relax. Repeat this maximum possible number of times.
2. Moolabandha – Sit in Siddhasana or Siddhayoni asana. Place the palms on the thighs. Close the eyes. Relax the body. Perform a long inhalation, contract the muscles in the muladhara region and pull the muscles upward. This is the final stage. Stay in this state as long as possible while stopping the breath. Then relax the muscles. Bring the head to normal position and perform exhalation slowly.
3. Single leg raise with movement hands on hernia:
4. Pavanmuktasana:
Yoga Therapy For Gout
•Ardha matsyendrasana (The Spinal Twist Pose)
• Bhujangasana (The Cobra Pose)
• Dhanurasana (The Bow Pose)
• Halasana (The Plow Pose)
• Hastashirasana (The Hand to Head Pose)
• Januhastasana (The Hand to Knee Pose)
• Makarasana (The Crocodile Pose)
• Pavan mukhtasana (The Wind Relieving Pose)
• Pranayama (Breathing technique)
• Tadasana (The Mountain Pose)
• Trikonasana (The Triangle Pose)
• Uttana Padasana (The Extended leg Pose)
• Veerasana (The Hero Pose)
• Vriskshasana (The Tree Pose)
Nicole 500hr YTTC