The 7 Chakras and visualisation

One way to re-energise the chakras is by practicing visualization. It is a very powerful and easy method to connect us to mother nature.
Muladhara Chakra located at the base of spine, means root or central support. The root chakra is the frequency that anchors us and ground us in physical existence. The element is Earth, colour is red and the bija mantra is Lam. It is associated with survival as it connects with the deep-seated emotions of insecurity, instability and fear.
Visualisation: Imagine that from the base of the spine, a strong tap root is extending deep into the earth to the core of the planet. Then inhale deeply and as you inhale, imagine deep red energy flooding upward. As you exhale, imagine this energy is spreading into the area of muladhara chakra. Notice how you feel as you repeatedly breathe the energy up and spread it as you exhale. To finish imagine, your tap root is being drawn back up from earth to sit at the base of your spine.
Swadhisthana Chakra located at genital area, means “your dwelling place”. It is the home of your creativity. It controls the lower abdomen in the physical body. The element is water in a white crescent moon, colour is orange and the bija mantra is Vam. This chakra helps us to understand change and feel comfortable with it. It connects us with each other and building relationships.
Visualisation: Imagine that you are sitting by in front of sea or a lake that is totally peaceful and calm. The full moon rises slowly in the sky and sits above the water where it emits a silvery glow on the water’s surface. Feel the effect of gentle flow of moonlight like a balm to your senses. As you approach the fullness of moon’s glow, feel all negativity, sadness and anger melts away and you are at peace.
Manipura located at the navel,means jewel city. In spiritual terms, the solar plexus chakra is the place where human being expresses ego. The element is fire, colour is yellow and the bija mantra is Ram. Positive influence of solar plexus chakra encourage assertiveness rather than aggression, self confidence rather than arrogance, healthy self esteem rather than self importance.
Visualisation: Focus your mind on the area below your ribcage. Breathe into this area and imagine that you see a ball of light expanding until it surrounds you and permeates you. Feel the cleansing, tingling and revitalizing effects of this golden light. Feel it dissolving the negative thoughts and emotions, leaving you full of light. Stay inside the globe for a few moments and then see it begin to diminish in size, until it is back in place at manipura area.
Anahata Chakra located at the heart region, means “unbeaten” or unstruck. The element is air, colour is green and bija mantra is Yam. The heart chakra balances body and mind. It is a place of harmony and beauty. If heart chakra is “unbeaten”, it is strong and radiates love from a higher level beyond the demands of lower will. This is unconditional love.
Visualisation: Imagine a small green shoot pushing up out of the ground, like a bulb in the springtime. The shoot is being drawn upward by the warmth of the sun. The bud open and spread leaves, tilting themselves to catch sun’s rays so that they can make food for the plant to grow strong. At its peak of growth, a central bud swells and open to a beautiful deep pink flower. Enjoy the contrast of the rich green and soft pink colours and let his symbol relax and restore your heart chakra.
Vishuddha located at the base of the throat, means purification. In this case specifically relating to the power of sound. The element is ether, colour is purple and bija mantra is Ham. The energy of sound reverberates into this level and helps to purify the energetic blueprint of the body. This is why toning and chanting sacred sounds is effective way to heal, balance and support this chakra.
Visualisation: Imagine a waterfall plunging over the edge of rocky outcrop, down into a plunge pool and into a smooth flowing stream. Stand under the waterfall, feel the power of the water pouring over your face and neck and down your body. Feel this flowing energy pour through your throat chakra, cleansing blockages, moving away stuck feelings. Let them go. When you are ready, step out of water and onto the bank.
Anja Chakra lies between the eyebrows, means “to perceive”. The element is Avyakta, colour is indiglo and bija mantra is OM. This chakra is intimately associated with intuition, the “sixth sense” instinctive knowing that is mysterious but somehow right. It is the home of intelligence, which can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.
Visualisation: Imagine a night sky, deep purple-blue, scattered with millions of diamonds-bright stars. As your vision travels over the image of the sky, there is one star that draws you. Focus on this point of light and see it grow as if you are moving towards it. Sit and be with your star, noticing what information, impressions or feelings arise. Breathe and bring your awareness back to earth.
Sahasrara Chakra is situated at the crown of the head, corresponding to the pineal gland of the physical body. It means “thousand petalled lotus”. The lotus echoes the map of chakras in each of us. The element is light and colour is violet. This chakra is your connection to whatever you believe to be spirit, Source, the divine spark of creation. If we have prepared the way and cleared away personal blocks, we experience spirit while still in the body. This is what the ancients called “enlightenment”.
Visualisation: Imagine a beautiful, tear-drop shaped diamond in front of your eyes. Notice all the colours that it reflects. As you gaze at the diamond, all the colours merge and become a brilliant white light, crystal clear. Now imagine the diamond placed above your crown chakra, so that this white light can shine down through it and energizing all chakras. Feel yourself centered and batched in the white light of cosmos. Take a deep breaths and return to the present moment.
By Hazel Kok (200hr TTC Jan to May 2014)
With reference to: Chakra Therapy by Jennie Harding